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10 ways Bidfood Direct supports care homes

10 ways Bidfood Direct supports care homes

Are you in need of a one stop shop for your care home? Whether it is to manage costings in the office or create delicious recipes in the kitchen, Bidfood Direct is a great solution to support the whole of your care home.

Discover 10 reasons why you need Bidfood Direct – our online shop and start shopping with us today. Psst! skip to number 4 to discover why we are multi award-winning!

1. Running a care home is 24/7 and we are here for you

Whether you’re on the night shift balancing the books or the morning shift baking another 90th birthday cake, we are here for you. Our online ecommerce platform, Bidfood Direct is available to shop 24/7 anytime, anywhere.
Bidfood Direct is a convenient way to browse products, shop the latest promotions and place your order via desktop or mobile app, so we are with you wherever you go.

2. We count the pennies so you don’t have to  

We understand managing costs is important to our care home customers. That is why we are the only online shop that provides live pricing whilst our customers browse products online, so no unexpected costs occur after you’ve placed your order. Hear from Hallmark Care Homes on how Bidfood Direct helps them manage restricted budgets.

“The live pricing feature of Bidfood Direct enables us to effectively manage our expenses. As we browse through products, the prices are automatically updated in real-time, allowing us to access the most current information. This empowers us to make informed decisions and seamlessly explore more cost-effective options when necessary.”

Rob Byrom​​​​, Group Hospitality Services Manager, Hallmark Care Homes & Santhem Residences 

3. Cater for all your residents’ dietary requirements

Catering for residents with a wide range of dietary requirements can often be stressful. Bidfood Direct allows you to filter by dietary requirement or allergens and easily browse our product range. The product allergen and nutritional information is automatically updated, to give you peace of mind when catering for those with dietary requirements.
Create your account or log in here and start browsing our product range.

4. Create recipes and manage allergens stress free

Creating recipes and menus for residents with a range of dietary needs, including different culture and allergy requirements can be time consuming. That is why we developed our multi award-winning recipe and menu management tool.
MyRecipes and Menu Planning helps you manage nutritional information,  allergen data and your costs –  each recipe will display clear and easy to understand allergen icons, nutritional data and traffic light system as well as a full cost report. This information can also be downloaded should it be needed on labels and/or menus.

5. Manage your budget friendly meals

We know the importance of managing costs in your home. With our MyRecipes and Menu Planning tool, it has never been easier to monitor and adapt your menus, making your meals cost efficient and consistent across all your kitchens.
The MyRecipes tool has your live pricing built within it meaning your recipes and menu costs are always up to date, you can edit ingredients, their quantities and number of portions required, which will automatically recalculate the ingredient quantities needed to fulfil that recipe as well as a full costing breakdown.

6. Hundreds of free recipes for your chef team to use

We understand that creating recipes for all dietary needs is challenging. The Bidfood Chef Team have created over 500 recipes, complete with full allergen and nutritional profiles. These recipes can be can freely browsed in our recipe library and added to your Bidfood Direct account upon request. All of these recipes have been broken down into key topic areas such as: Catering for diabetes, 4 week menu cycle, cutlery free dining and many more.
Simply contact your account manager to discuss how to get recipes copied into your Bidfood Direct account.

7. We help you stay compliant with government laws

Our MyRecipes labelling tool provide a full end-to-end labelling solution via Bidfood Direct in partnership with DayMark, which enables you to create recipes, generate a compliant label and print a label. Just another way Bidfood Direct can support you to remain compliant with Natasha’s Law and Calorie Labelling Legislation.

8. Don’t forget to add your tableware and cleaning supplies to your basket

Hosting an afternoon tea party or another royal celebration? It’s not just food products on Bidfood Direct, we also stock a wide range of catering supplies. Simply filter via our menu categories to view our product range and browse everything from kitchen utensils to tableware essentials. 

9. Set up standing orders for your menu cycles

We understand your residents like consistency and routine, so recipes are often repeated and menus are on A/B week rotations. So to help streamline your menus, Bidfood Direct allows you to easily set up standing orders at the click of a button. Removing the manual task of adding the same products to basket each week, allows you to free up more time to focus on the more important things.

10. Keep a finger on the pulse 

Keep control of tight budgets with our costing reports in Bidfood Direct. You can access previous orders and purchases, stocktake reports, as well as invoices and credits. Everything you need is at the click of a button, to help you keep within budgets during the current climate.

So, those were the 10 ways Bidfood Direct can support your care home – get started today and place your online order or create a new recipe!

If you’re still hungry for more checkout 10 more reasons why you need to start shopping on Bidfood Direct or find out more here.

To learn more about all our support for your care home, visit our dedicated page: Care home food suppliers & menu ideas.

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As an experienced supplier to care, we have a team of experts who fully understand your challenges. With a specialist product range, menu innovation, unique support and tools, we will help you cater with confidence.

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