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10 reasons to use Bidfood Direct

10 reasons to use Bidfood Direct
Are you in need of a one stop shop for all your business needs? Look no further! Discover 10 reasons why you should use Bidfood Direct – our online shop.


1. And the award for best Ecommerce Website goes to…*drum roll* Bidfood Direct!

Bidfood Direct won the B2B Ecommerce Website of the Year at the UK Digital Growth Awards this year. The head judge said they were, “blown away by the way this team turned a challenge into an opportunity, and delivered a truly rewarding, powerful and successful experience for their users as a result”. And yes, we have printed that quote onto our office tea towels…


Reasons to use Bidfood Direct: we are award winning!


2. “Working 9-5” – Dolly Parton

We work a little bit harder than the queen of country at Bidfood Direct. You can shop 24/7 anytime, anywhere via our desktop shop or Bidfood Direct app. Whether you’re looking for food, drink or catering supplies – you are simply a click away with Bidfood Direct.


3. Lights, camera, action!

Bidfood Direct is a live platform meaning you can browse and shop your agreed product range and pricing at a time that suits you. This supports you when it comes to budgeting and gives you peace of mind at the time of ordering.


reasons to use Bidfood Direct - live platform


4. *adds to basket*

Browse and shop our range of 12,000+ products online from food and drink, to catering supplies. Bidfood Direct allows you to easily filter so you can view vegan or Halal products as you shop or even filter by dietary requirement or by 1 or many allergens. Plus our regularly updated ‘new’ page featuring our newest products available to you will always keep your recipes and menus looking fresh.


5. FREE, yes FREE!

If you scrolled straight to number 5 because you saw the word ‘free’ then you are in the right place! MyRecipes and Menu Planning is our free online tool within Bidfood Direct to help you create recipes and manage menus. Each recipe displays clear and easy to understand allergen icons, nutritional data with the traffic light system, as well as downloadable costing reports.

We are proud to help support our customers in remaining compliant with government laws such as Natasha’s Law and Calorie Labelling.


reasons to use Bidfood Direct - free to use


6. *order number #6328 is on its way!*

Bidfood Direct allows you to create order forms for meal occasions, specific functions or even product categories which can then be viewed and ordered with the click of a button every time you need it. You can also set up standing orders for regular orders on a daily, weekly or monthly basis which are automatically processed and delivered to you without manual intervention.


7. “My money don’t jiggle jiggle” – Louis Theroux

Order approvals allows you to ensure orders are reviewed by a nominated user within your business before they are submitted. You can also set spend limits which can be set over a period of time or per order and once this limit has been exceeded, orders need to be approved by a nominated user. Just another way Bidfood Direct can help you budget more easily in this economic climate.



8. We manage the boring bits as well

You can skip this point. It’s the boring bits. But just so you know, Bidfood Direct can help you manage your orders more easily – review current orders, previous purchases, invoices and credits and even set up regular reports to come straight to your inbox.


9. BEEP! BEEP! Coming through!

Bidfood Direct allows you to track your delivery from the comfort of your device. Place your order on Bidfood Direct, track your driver and discover which of our iconic landscapes will pull up to you.

And don’t worry if you have forgotten the chicken for your tikka masala – you can choose an existing delivery slot and we will pop your forgotten item on the same lorry to be delivered to you, stress free!



10. #TeamBidfoodDirect

You may be thinking between the witty blog writing and the award wins, how do we have time to continue innovating Bidfood Direct? Well rest assured. We have a dedicated ecommerce team that continues to develop our platform with our customers’ needs in mind with the aim to deliver a top class online experience for our customers.


So, those were the 10 main reasons to use Bidfood Direct – get started today and place your online order or create a new recipe!

Bidfood Direct is simply a click away! Find out more here.

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