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Top 5 recipes for diabetic care residents

Top 5 recipes for diabetic care residents

In the United Kingdom, diabetes has reached record numbers, with over 5 million people affected, the majority being type 2 diabetes cases (Diabetes UK 2023). This is particularly prevalent among those over 65 years old, with 33% having diabetes and being more at risk of developing diabetes-related complications (Endocrine 2022).
When it comes to catering for individuals with diabetes in care homes, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. The general advice is to eat a healthy, balanced diet that supports individuals to meet their blood sugar management goals and provide the nutrients for good health and wellbeing. This includes a variety of fruits, vegetables, low-glycaemic index starchy carbohydrates, lean protein, dairy (and alternatives), nuts, seeds, and healthy fats, while being low in saturated fat, sugar, and salt.
Catering to the diverse dietary needs of residents while ensuring meals are both nutritious and delicious demands innovation and expertise. Our Culinary Development Chef, Wayne Wright, is an expert in the field and possesses a passion for crafting delectable dishes. Motivated by this enthusiasm, he challenged himself to create menu inspiration tailored to the needs of diabetic individuals, specifically with type 2 diabetes, creating dishes that defy expectations of typical diabetes-friendly cuisines. All of Chef Wayne’s innovative diabetic recipes, insightful tips, meal planners and more can be found in our catering to diabetes guide.
As Diabetes Awareness Week is in June 2024, we’re excited to share five of our top recipes tailored for diabetes management:

1. Creamy mushrooms on sourdough toast

Start the day right with this hearty and flavourful breakfast. This dish combines earthy mushrooms with creamy textures atop crispy sourdough toast, providing a satisfying and nutritious start to any morning.
Full recipe here.

2. Tian of smoked mackerel and spinach

This elegant dish provides essential nutrients such as healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, which perform a range of functions in the body. Smoked mackerel is a source of omega-3 fatty acids, which helps to maintain normal blood triglyceride levels while, spinach contains vitamin K, which contributes to normal blood clotting.
Not only is this a dish that is visually appealing and tastes amazing, it is a nutritious option that can support individuals with diabetes in meeting their nutritional requirements.
Full recipe here.

3. Peruvian roasted chicken Med cous cous

Transport your resident’s taste buds to Peru with this vibrant and aromatic chicken dish. Marinated in Peruvian spices and roasted to perfection, the tender chicken is served alongside fluffy Mediterranean couscous, offering a burst of flavour in every bite.
Full recipe here.

4. Rocket and cherry tomato quiche

Light, refreshing, and bursting with flavour, this quiche is a crowd-pleaser. A golden crust filled with a savoury custard, peppery rocket, and juicy cherry tomatoes makes for a delightful meal any time of day.
Full recipe here.

5. Silky chocolate mousse

Last but by certainly no means least, a silky chocolate mousse! Let your residents indulge in their sweet cravings with this delicious yet diabetes-friendly dessert. Wayne’s mission to create a chocolate mousse that rivals its traditional counterpart is achieved with this silky-smooth treat.
Rich cocoa flavours combined with the perfect balance of sweetness ensure a satisfying finale to any meal.
Full recipe here.

These recipes for diabetic care residents are key to catering to dietary needs while prioritising taste and satisfaction, eliminating bland and restrictive meals. To further support our customers we have developed a comprehensive module in Caterer’s Campus ‘Diabetes: understanding carbohydrates and blood sugar.’
Which delves deep into understanding symptoms, risks, considerations, style of diets, menu suggestions and how to cater for it within your care home through interactive tasks and engaging videos. It offers you an excellent module to bring your team up to speed on all things diabetes within the Care sector and only takes around 80 minutes.

With these delicious recipes for diabetic residents and educational resources, care homes can confidently provide exceptional culinary experiences while promoting the health and well-being of their residents. Read about our forward-thinking approach to care home catering here: care home food suppliers & menu ideas.
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Number of people living with diabetes in the UK tops 5 million for the first time

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