Delivering real value

Keeping costs in check and offering value beyond price.

How we help you save money

  • Branded and own brand products

    A choice of price points to suit your needs

  • Competitive pricing

    Regularly market benchmarked prices

  • Customer support

    Expert teams on hand to help save you money

  • Bidfood Direct

    Gives you full control of your range, recipes and costs

  • Safari Rewards scheme

    Turn the products you buy into rewards you’ll love

  • Cost saving ideas and initiatives

    Advice, inspiration and support

Our approach

High food inflation combined with increasingly expensive goods and services means it’s harder to make the margin you need and keep your business on track. We understand it’s challenging so Real value is a key ingredient we bring to all of our customer partnerships.

Through our products, procurement expertise, supplier partnerships and passionate team, we are focussed on keeping costs in check and offering value beyond price.

We believe in an honest, transparent approach, working through challenging market dynamics directly with our customers to find the best solution. Our commitment is to help you manage costs and create efficiencies across your whole business. We source quality products with long term sustainable pricing and we work hard to save customers money through menu engineering and product swaps.

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A choice of branded and own brand products

Our huge range of branded and own brand products gives you the choice to select the right product at the right price point for you.

  • Everyday Favourites

    Quality you can trust at prices you’ll love.

    Everyday Favourites is your go-to brand for quality, consistency and performance across a vast range of everyday kitchen solutions, and all at great value.

  • Premium Selection

    The finest product selection at competitive prices.

    Our Premium Selection range has been carefully chosen to enhance your menu and impress your customers. There are over 100 products to choose from covering a variety of meal occasions, from breakfast all the way through to desserts.

  • Market leading brands

    Our range includes well-known household brands as well as new emerging brands to ensure you can choose the right options for your business.

  • Fresh meat

    Farmstead is Bidfood’s dedicated fresh meat brand. ​

    A team made up of fresh meat experts are here to source the right supplier to build the right range that caters to our customer’s needs.​

    We care and, alongside supporting animal welfare and British farming, we work with accredited schemes and unions.

    farmstead bidfood wholesale meat supplier
  • Fresh fish

    Rockport are Bidfood’s dedicated fresh fish supplier. ​

    We pride ourselves on providing only the best quality fish that is freshly caught each day. ​

    Our range comes in a variety of weights to serve as starters or mains, plus our team of expert fishmongers have carefully gutted, scaled and boned the fish to ensure they are ready for you to cook and proudly serve to your customers.

  • Black + White coffee co.

    As a Bidfood own brand we are passionate about providing you with the finest quality coffee at prices you’ll love.

  • Beers, wines and spirits

  • Catering supplies

    Disposables, hygiene and equipment. We have you covered, our purpose is to support your needs.

    catering supplies wholesale
  • See the rest of our range

    Find our vast choice of competitively priced brands in all categories…



Save money through our Marketplace promotions magazine, giving you fantastic prices on leading foodservice and retail brands along with own label ranges.

*Marketplace scheme available to independent customers

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Our expert team

Our teams work together to give you peace of mind on price. Through the support of our buying, corporate procurement and technical teams, you can be assured that we provide the right product at the right price for your business.

  • Buying expertise

    We enjoy significant purchasing power through our high level of product volume and strong relationships with our suppliers.

    Our team are experts in their categories, bench-marking prices against food market indices and verifying them against independent insight bodies such as Mintec to ensure our products are competitively priced.

  • Customer procurement support

    We provide our larger customers with unparalleled support to source the right product at the right price point from the right supplier.

    Our experienced Corporate Procurement team work to reduce costs and get a kick out of making savings for our customer through effective product switching and range rationalisation.

  • Technical services team

    Our Technical Services team ensure products meet our customers’ legal and quality standards and are compliant to the required food safety standards.

    They know our product range well and help to provide cost savings to our customers by ensuring products meet the required specification.

Rewarding your loyalty

Safari Rewards

We believe in rewarding our customers for their loyalty to us. Simply turn the products you buy into rewards you’ll love with our Safari Loyalty scheme*

*Safari rewards scheme available to independent customers

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Create menus and manage costs Bidfood Direct

Bidfood Direct is our online shop – but it is more than an online shop. Bidfood Direct supports your business growth by providing a complete ecommerce platform to help you manage everything from managing menus to costings.

Are you ready to support your business growth? Read the benefits below and discover Bidfood Direct today!

  • Shop online 24/7 and place orders
  • Create recipes and manage menus
  • View live pricing and stock status
  • Access invoices and credits
  • Easily track deliveries
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What our customers think

"Our account manager Sarah’s knowledge of our business has allowed her to suggest alternative food products for us, allowing us to mitigate some of the price increases in the market with cheaper options and saving wastage in the home."
Grant Hill, Director
Abercorn Care Ltd, Edinburgh

Keeping costs in check and offering value beyond price Join Bidfood today!

  • Value for money
  • Choice of right product at the right price point
  • Expert teams giving you peace of mind on price
  • Rewarding loyalty
  • Ideas and initiatives from our marketing and insights team to save you money
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