Building a future you can rely on

Forward thinking

As the foodservice and hospitality landscapes continue to change, we’re continually focusing our efforts on adapting and evolving the service we offer to help you manage your costs, elevate your menu, and plan ahead both for now and into the future. We look to anticipate your future needs and the ever-changing market landscape by investing in infrastructure, sharing insight and trends, expertise and innovation, as well as developing technology that will give you the best customer experience, helping you to grow and thrive.

Our infrastructure

So that we can be closer to you, we’ve chosen to swim against the industry tide towards centralised logistics and invest in building more depots across the UK. This allows us to be more responsive to your needs, providing a truly unique local service.

Expanding our local depot network not only helps us meet the increasing demand from existing and new customers, it also enables us to serve more local communities by providing jobs to local people.

Our growing network of high quality, modern facilities has been designed with the latest state-of-the-art systems, technology and fittings to deliver enhanced service and to help us reduce our carbon footprint.

Some of our most recently opened and planned sites include:

Service and efficiency enhancing tech

We’re on a journey at Bidfood to leverage new and exciting technology that will enhance our service and give you a first-class customer experience. We’ve successfully implemented a number of warehouse management, delivery and routing processes that will improve our operational efficiencies, with aim of making life easier for you.

We also have two new key systems in the pipeline:

  • We’ll be piloting a system that will enable us to move from voice to scan-based picking in order to  improve pick accuracy and ultimately the fulfilment of your orders.
  • We’ll also be rolling out our new BidIQ platform, which achieved some fantastic results during its recent trial. This system will help our sales teams spend less time on the administrative tasks involved in account and contract management, enabling them to spend more time on adding value and supporting your needs.

Bidfood Direct: our online shop

On the back its recent award win as the B2B E-commerce Website of the Year at the Digital Growth Awards 2023, we’ve continued to invest and develop our e-commerce platform, Bidfood Direct.

We’ve added a new companion products feature, which gives you complementary product ideas whilst you’re browsing.  And, our MyRecipes feature now has over 3,000 recipes from our dedicated chefs with more exciting features to come during 2024.

Find out more about Bidfood Direct

Sharing our insights

Working with our industry partners, we look to anticipate future food, drink and consumer trends to ensure we can support you with tailored insight and inspiration.

We use insight to evolve the service we offer, and we love to understand how the market landscape and consumer choices are shifting, to spot opportunities that can help you thrive.

Our annual food and drink trends are a great example of this. Read about the trends that will be shaping menus in 2024 here.

For a deeper dive into your sector, where we share inspiration, innovation solutions and support that’s relevant to you find out more here.

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