Bidfood Worthing

Welcome to Worthing depot

Our purpose built multifunctional depot opened on the 17th September 2018.
We service customers, along the South East Coast, from Chichester and as far inland as Dorking and Horsham, then along the coast to Hastings.


Engaging with our local products and suppliers

We pride ourselves on offering local products such as Brighton Gin, Bolney estate wine from the local vineyards in Ditchley. We also provide the East coast with our unique ice cream brand; Yarde Farm.


Engaging with our local community

We have a monthly delivery to the Brighton Fare-share depot and in April, 3 members of our team went to work in the fare-share depot as volunteers for the day.
We also have staff collections for the local food bank, including personal hygiene products.
We donate to local charities with prizes for fund raising.
We employ over 80 local people in our site, which is set for future growth, which will mean more opportunities for employment in the local community.

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