Our Story

A whistlestop tour of the Bidfood journey

Our story

Since we first became part of the Bidvest family in 1999, Bidfood has grown from strength to strength to be leaders in foodservice today. Here’s our story…


  • In 1999, Booker Foodservice was acquired by Bidvest Plc, a South African-based company, and renamed BFS Group Ltd trading as 3663 First for Foodservice (3663 spelled food on an old-fashioned touch-button mobile phone).

  • In 2003, 3663 First for Foodservice acquire Swithenbank, a specialist fruit and vegetable business and Wilson Watson which was re-branded as 3663 Catering Equipment. Both companies still trade under the Bidvest umbrella and add great choice to our product offering.

  • By 2010, 3663 First for Foodservice wholesale and logistics arms separate into two trading divisions both still trading under BFS Group Ltd, and 3663 Logistics is re-branded to its current name; Bidvest Logistic.

  • Forteith Foodservice in Oban, Scotland is acquired in 2012, and continues to play a key role in our Bidvest Foodservice Scotland infrastructure.

  • It is decided in 2014 that 3663 should change its trading name to Bidvest 3663 to reflect its international affiliation.

  • In 2015 we acquired two manufacturing businesses: Yarde Farm

  • We acquire Cimandis in the Channel Islands in 2015.

  • In July 2015, we change our trading name to Bidvest Foodservice to align with Bidvest Logistics, Bidvest Catering Equipment and Bidvest Fresh (plus, no-one uses touch button mobiles anymore!). We also introduced our five key ingredients (service excellence, great food, real value, best team and forward thinking) as the pillars of our customer proposition, and our values (care, share, dare) which set the tone for our culture across the business.

  • In 2016, Bidvest in South Africa make the decision to separate foodservice from the other sectors they operate within, and Bidcorp Ltd become the new name of our parent company, successfully listed on the Johannesburg stock exchange in May 2016.

  • From 3rd April 2017 we, along with the other Bidvest Foodservice businesses around the world, changed our name to Bidfood, reflecting both our heritage and our link back to Bidcorp, and our passion for food.

  • In 2018 we launched a partnership with Enotria and Coe.

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