Why food landscapes?

The first original food landscape, featuring a lake scene complete with bread mountains, was developed in 2011 and was a perfect reflection of our passion for food.

Previous designs featured finished dishes, and we wanted to explore the magic and creative possibilities of the ingredients we deliver to our customers.

After the success of the first Bidfood landscape, Fishing Village and City Skyline soon followed, with the latter featuring one of our trucks made of cheese! Not only did our trio of landscapes display beautiful British settings, but the vast range of products we supply.

The rise to fame

The three landscapes were received with great enthusiasm by our teams and customers, and they caught the imagination of the public, particularly children. Letters soon came flying in from families, and even schools, asking for copies of the designs. Snapshots that people had taken of our lorries out and about were also posted on social media.

Our livery is our most visible brand asset, and with more than 1,000 trucks on the road throughout the year, when you consider the hundreds or even thousands of people who may see each truck every hour, our landscapes could be seen many millions of times each year!

The next generation of landscapes

To mark over a decade of our incredible landscapes, we are delighted to introduce four new designs to the Bidfood family: underwater, farm, waterfall and castle. To get inspiration for these designs, we looked to our employees and their families by running a competition. The four winning designs were then taken by Magenta Photographic Studios, who also made our original three. Please scroll down to see them.

How are they made?

Using real food, the landscapes were built and photographed by food artists. It’s an amazing, long and complex four step process consisting of:

  • Sketching the design – the look of the landscape is roughly sketched on paper and works as a blueprint for our food artists

  • Laying the foundation – the landscapes aren’t just built on a flat surface! A base of sand and compost is laid down to create different heights for sections of the landscape to sit on. Take a look at our farm design!

  • Placement of food – finding the perfect food item requires a lot of trial and error! Sometimes things have to be chopped, toasted, carved and crushed.

  • Photography – and then the final masterpiece is photographed.

Did you know that our latest generation of food landscapes were built using real food? Our Studio and Production Manager, Danny Gould reveals all in this exclusive blog interview. He shares the hidden secrets behind these remarkable constructions and the challenges he faced to bring these amazing food-inspired designs to life.

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Different landscapes

Built using food from our online store, Bidfood Direct.

Original Bidfood landscape

The first original Bidfood landscape developed in 2011. A true reflection of our passion for food and the perfect nod to our strapline, inspired by you.

Original fishing village landscape

Highlighting our range of fish and seafood, this landscape includes favourites such as fish fingers and prawns, as well as smart additions of chips, peas and dill.

Original city skyline landscape

High-rise city buildings are constructed out of cheese in this food-inspired design. It also features one of our Bidfood lorries made out of cheese!


Our underwater-scape was inspired by an undersea adventure drawn by Telesales Executive, Denise Cavey.


Inspired by our youngest winner, Maggie-May Bull, who’s also the daughter of Telesales & Customer Services Manager, Ashley Bull. This landscape showcases our wide range of confectionary, desserts and pastries.


Business Manager, Alan Gaunt and his wife created a food paradise in their drawing. We then took key elements from it, such as the waterfall to create this landscape.


This wholesome scene was adapted from a sketch by Ben Fisher, People and Culture Team, who worked on it with his family.

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