Wellness my way

In our update we explore how the pandemic has accelerated this trend and encouraged consumers to want to live healthier lives. We look at the new and evolving ways that consumers are optimising their physical and mental health through the food and drink they consumer and the lifestyles they live.

So what’s new?

68% of consumers say the pandemic has made them more concerned about their health and wellbeing. For some this means adopting a whole new approach to how they eat and move. For others, it’s about exploring more niche or subtle ways they can improve their overall wellbeing. Over half (51%) of consumers intend to make healthier choices when they’re eating out than they did before the pandemic began*.

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Key sub-trends for wellness my way:

    • Life stage targeting (new)
    • Functional (grown)
    • Digestive Wellness (grown)
    • Light and Low (grown)
    • Optimise yourself (grown)

Bring this trend to life with our new recipe

Thai Green 5-a-day Nourish Bowl

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