Wellness my way

This trend embraces the newfound habits and routines that have emerged during a locked down world. It is all about consuming health in a style that suits you

So what’s happening?

Diet, exercise and weight management is front of mind, as authorities like the WHO confirm that a healthy diet plays a ‘crucial role’ in fighting off coronavirus. For some consumers, that means adopting a new approach to what they eat and how much they move. For others, it’s more about subtler changes to their routine, with the allowance of elements of indulgence to boost overall wellbeing.

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Key sub-trends for wellness my way:

    • Light & Low
    • Hidden Veggies
    • Digestive Health
    • Functional
    • Optimise Yourself
    • Fish First
    • Better Kids’ Food

Why not bring this trend to life with this recipe


Mixed grains & giant cous cous salad with sweet potato falafel, kale, avocado & tahini lemon dressing

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