July 5, 2022

Talking ways to make more margin for your meat

Talking ways to make more margin for your meat

We understand how the cost of living and food inflation has affected the industry over the past six months. While centre of plate is the biggest cost factor, it is also the biggest margin driver. So chefs must juggle the price of meat, the quality, taste and affordability of their meat dishes, as well as profit margin when planning menus.

In this episode, join Catherine Hinchcliff, Head of Corporate Marketing, as she hosts Culinary Development Chef, Damon Corey, and Farmstead Master Butcher, Darren Shaw. The two discuss what you can do to alleviate the impact of the rising cost of fresh meat and poultry on your menu, and ways to increase the margin you can make from your centre of plate.

Chef Damon hints at the kinds of delicious dishes you can make that stretch your protein without pulling at those purse strings. And, Darren has some advice on how to gain confidence with some easy butchery skills in the kitchen. Tune in for some more great tips!

Watch our video where we show you what you can do with chicken inner fillets: https://youtu.be/VcRQq3dA4IE

And to find out how to trim down a striploin into different cuts, watch Farmstead Master Butcher, Jim Doherty here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeeNGbBFqRk

To learn more about our Farmstead brand and our meat experts visit: https://www.bidfood.co.uk/our-products/own-brand/farmstead/

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