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Introducing our dedicated range of texture modified dishes, individually created for people with dysphagia

Dysphagia is a medical term for swallowing difficulties, which may appear short-term or ongoing. This range of products has been developed specifically for this growing need and made to the highest safety standards giving you total reassurance, everytime.

Each meal complies with IDDSI textures ensuring you can prepare them safely and with the peace of mind that each one has consistency in nutritional content allowing you to easily control calorie intake. But that’s not all, made to home cooked standards these authentic and tasty meals are full of flavour plus they are perfect for any meal occasion throughout the whole day!


Start the day with a hearty all day breakfast consisting of sausages with scrambled egg rich in tomato sauce and baked beans


With a mix of 46 delicious dishes made across level 4, 5 and 6 IDDSI textures (including mixed cases) there's plenty to choose from to keep your menu selection varied and interesting

Non allergen

These dishes do not contain any of the 14 allergens imposed by the The Food Information Regulation


A mix of hot and cold desserts, simple to prepare and simple to serve all made with classic flavours which everyone will enjoy!

Mixed cases

We now offer mixed cases in levels 4, 5 & 6 to give you access to a wider variety of meals without buying multiple cases. Each mixed case comes with between four and six dishes and has a total of 12 meals to the case.

We understand how providing meal solutions for people with dysphagia is very important to you and with this range being fully compliant with IDDSI textures it will take away the hassle to do this in your own kitchen by giving you the freedom to serve up a range of delicious foods.

Catering for dysphagia

Catering for dysphagia

Find out more about IDDSI standards and safely feeding people with dysphagia.

Care homes

Care homes

Find out how we help our customers deliver joyful meal times to all residents.



Find out how we can help you to nourish your patients.

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