Quality and trust

Quality and trust are two of our brand values, which we live and breathe in everything we do here at Farmstead. Our values drive how we operate, who we work with and also the products we include in our range.

Our suppliers

We’re selective with the foodservice suppliers we work with and ensure they share the same values as we do. Explore the stories of some of our key suppliers who over the years we’ve built great relationships with to ensure we deliver great quality fresh meat to our customers via consolidated deliveries through our national foodservice network.

Alec Jarrett - our beef supplier

Alec Jarrett is a family owned business based between Bristol and Bath that was formed over 80 years ago in 1926 by Alec Jarret himself. Back then Alec began supplying local butcher shops before the business grew to the national scale it is today. They now supply a wide range of quality wholesale beef products to the retail, catering and manufacturing industries.

Like us, Quality Assurance is extremely important to Alec Jarrett Ltd. From their farmers being members of associated quality schemes via ABM approved hauliers to their BRC approved site where they operate high quality management systems.

To ensure that high standards are maintained at all times Alec Jarrett Ltd operate a Food Safety and Quality Management System based on the BRC Global Standard with their site is currently operating to the grade A standard.

FA Gill - our pork supplier

FA Gill has been one of Britain’s most loved pork producers for over 130 years. The story began back in 1880, with their local involvement with the butcher’s shops of Wolverhampton. Then in 1934, their first factory was built which started life as a Bacon factory.

Now Gills supply great quality wholesale pork products not only to us but to retailers, other wholesalers and food service outlets through-out the UK.

Gills pride themselves on working with British farmers, and ultimately supporting the nation’s agriculture industry. They source pork from Red Tractor farms, thereby providing assurance of food safety, animal welfare, hygiene & environmental protection throughout.

ABP - our lamb supplier

Over the last 20 years, ABP have combined traditional farming techniques with expert butchery to deliver an unrivalled selection of premium wholesale lamb products. Although first established in 1981, their broader history goes back as far as 1954 with the beginnings of the ABP Food Group.

Agriculture is where their heritage is and ABP invest heavily in their farmers and the rearing process to firstly ensure that they are as good to work with as possibly be, and secondly so that they can stay at the cutting edge of agricultural innovation and research. Their lamb is traditionally reared and processed in Dorset. All products are 100% grass-fed and matured for at least seven days to deliver optimum tenderness and flavour.

Their lamb is traditionally reared and processed in Dorset. All products are 100% grass-fed and matured for at least seven days to deliver optimum tenderness and flavour.

Campbell Brothers

One of Scotland’s oldest traditional butchers, Campbell Brothers pride themselves on creating long term partnerships with their farming partners and customers alike. Ethical sourcing, animal welfare, sustainability, provenance and traceability are all paramount to everything they do.

Starting as a butcher shop in Scotland, Campbells is now a catering butchers supplying the UK with a full range of top-restaurant quality, wholesale meat. Both of their depots are BRC accredited sites, and are managed by passionate people with many years’ experience in the meat industry.

Compliance and integrity is at the core of Campbell Brothers. They are accredited to BRCGS food safety, a market leader in the global standard for food safety. They also hold certification for red tractor food assurance assuring food safety, animal welfare, hygiene and environmental protection through every part of the food chain. And at the same time promoting British farming.

Accreditation's and policies

Red Tractor Assurance

red tractorThe Red Tractor Assurance scheme underpins the high standards of British food & drink. Red Tractor are the flagship logo of British food and farming, providing assurance at every stage of the production process from farm to pack.

We are proud that around half of our range is Red Tractor Assured meaning they’ve been sourced from certified farmers and food businesses who have met the rigorous production standards.

Using Red Tractor means the meat is tracked at every single stage of the process to make sure the food is hygienic and safe and grown or reared in a responsible way.

The National Farmers Union

The NFU represent the body for agriculture and horticulture with 55,000 members covering two-thirds of the agricultural land in England and Wales. The union works across all sectors including dairy; livestock; poultry; horticulture; sugar and combinable crops.

Bidfood benefit from a working relationship with their food chain team who engage with the supply chain after the food has left the farm. The NFU recognise the importance of us working in the foodservice sector, how diverse the offering is and how to support the supply chain between the farm gate to your chef’s table.

Animal welfare policy

Our policy is that all of our fresh meat must come from approved and BRC accredited abattoirs and that the meat supplied is compliant with the EU Animal Welfare Directive 98/58/EC. We are also able to source meat that is compliant to higher welfare standards such as Red Tractor and Freedom Foods.


Farmstead offer a range of Halal products sourced form Halal accredited producers. Our policy for Halal is that the supplying site itself must be accredited by a Halal accreditation body, not merely the product, thus ensuring that the provenance of the meat is not compromised.

Our range


Each and every one of our products have been carefully selected by our team of fresh meat experts alongside specialist butchers to deliver you quality and choice.


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We pride ourselves on our ‘farm to fork’ traceability, having the ability to identify the origin, abattoir, cutting plant and butchery operations through which our meat has passed through. We do this by allocating a Goods Received Number (GRN) to each consignment, against which we cross reference all this information. The country of origin and the EC packing plant number are key to being able to trace our products back to the cutting plant or abattoir depending on the type of product and species.

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