Sausage buying guide

Farmstead offer a range of fresh sausages in a variety of flavours and sizes. The traditional sizing system for sausages relates to the number per pound in weight – the lower the number, the larger the sausage.

Meat content

The quality and price of a sausage is largely determined by the meat content

  • A pork sausage must contain at least 42% pork meat
  • An economy sausage will contain between 30% and 40% meat (doesn’t have to be all pork meat)
  • A better quality butchers style sausage tends to be 60-70% meat
  • Premium Sausages have 75% or more meat content, some contain 85%+ meat content with provenance e.g. named breed, outdoor reared
  • A very high meat content can sometimes make a sausage too dense and dry


Size guide

  • Fours (jumbo): 4 to the lb (133g
  • Sixes: 6 to the lb (76g) most used for premium sausages
  • Eights: 8 to the lb (57g) most popular size
  • Twelves: 12 to the lb (38g)
  • Chipolatas: 16 to the lb (28g)
  • Cocktail: 32 to the lb (14g)



  • Lincolnshire: A distinctive variety of pork sausage commonly dominated by the herb sage
  • Cumberland: The meat is pork and seasonings are prepared from a variety of herbs and spices but the flavour palette is commonly dominated by black and white pepper
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