Bakery trends

Discover what's trending in the world of bakery. Being on top of trends can really help your menu stand out to your competitors, from the croissant craze to bite size treats to global influences. And we don't just know what’s trending we also have a great range of products that tap into these trends ready for you to add to your menus.

The croissant craze

Starting out in the US before hitting London bakeries earlier this year – epic croissants! From the viral ‘cube croissant’ to filled ‘wheel’ croissants, some bakeries saw queues halfway down the street! And this trend is set to continue well into 2023 and beyond. It’s all about decadence, indulgence and Insta-worthy pastries to draw in the crowds.

Bite sized treats

This trend is all about mini delights. Small but delicious treats designed to be enjoyed across multiple dining occasions. Largely popular due to the more manageable size and added value for customers looking for a smaller portion. Good things really do come in small packages!

World foods

Feast on baked goods from all over the world. Incorporating flavours and cooking styles from other cultures and countries is as popular as ever with UK consumers, with new flavours popping up each year. Why not try adding a Middle Eastern flatbread to your menu?

Vegan and gluten free

With the demand for vegan and gluten free products still on the rise, it’s crucial for you to have great options on your menus for these key consumers. Thankfully we’ve lined up some fantastic products that are both gluten free and vegan… just to make life that little bit easier!

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