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Oriental cuisine is a well-established favourite in the UK foodservice market with the likes of Chinese, Japanese and Thai food leading the way. Moving forward, we are now seeing more influences from countries like Malaysia and Korean appearing on menus. People are becoming extremely well-travelled and as a result, are increasingly interested in foods from around the world.


Within this page we’ve got some of the classic Oriental cuisine, tried and tested products that are very popular, plus some new ideas and concepts for you to add to your menus. Whether it’s adding a whole Asian-inspired menu, just adding one dish or simply adding an Asian twist to an existing recipe, we’ve got the choice for you.

The flavour map

From Thailand to Korea and Vietnam, we’ve got you covered with our range of Oriental cuisines

Chinese cuisine

Probably the most established Oriental cuisine in the UK, Chinese food consists of a mix of rice and noodle dishes as well as 'wet' dishes which include a protein or vegetables and a sauce, such as sweet and sour. Soy, ginger, sesame, cilantro and Sichuan peppercorns are key ingredients in Chinese dishes. The latest food to become popular from Chinese cuisine is steamed buns, which often have a meat filling inside

Korean cuisine

Korean cuisine is simply based on rice, vegetables and meat. A large amount of side dishes accompanying a simple steamed rice is the norm at meal times in Korea. Ingredients used are sesame oil, soy sauce, fermented vegetables, ginger, garlic and gochujang – a fermented chilli paste. Popular dishes in Korean cuisine include bulgogi – their version of BBQ meat, kimchi – fermented vegetables and bibimbap, a mixed rice dish

Japanese cuisine

Japanese cuisine is heavily based around rice and/or soup-type dishes, for example sushi, curries, ramen and miso soups. Seafood and vegetables are also often deep-fried in a light tempura batter. Something that we are seeing emerge in the UK is chicken tonkatsu – a breaded, deep-fried chicken fillet. Traditionally in Japan it is actually made using pork fillet or loin

Thai cuisine

Thai cuisine can vary vastly depending on the region of Thailand it originates from, however commonalities in the cuisine includes rice-based dishes with seafood and tofu, curries and soups. Herbs and spices are heavily used in Thai cuisine including garlic, coriander, chillies and lemongrass and lime

Vietnamese cuisine

Vietnamese cuisine uses lots of fresh ingredients with the minimal use of oil and dairy meaning the food is not often fried, unlike its neighbours. Traditional ingredients include fish sauce, shrimp paste, soy sauce, bird’s eye chillies, Thai basil, mint, ginger and lemongrass. Pho, a noodle soup, is one of the most popular Vietnamese dishes that have hit the UK foodservice market

Malaysian cuisine

Malaysian cuisine is heavily influence by its neighbours – Thailand, Indonesia and China to name a few. Key ingredients and flavours include chilli, shrimp paste, coconut, tofu, lemongrass and turmeric. Popular Malaysian dishes include laksa, nasi goreng (fried rice) and satay

Build your own

Rice and noodle bowls

Oriental cuisine is really simple to create in a street food format. Adding a ‘build your own’ element to your menu can mean that customers feel that they are getting exactly what they want from your menu.



Sticky rice
Bulgogi paste Asian vegetables in strips
Sirloin beef steaks
Drizzle soy sauce



Red rice
Malay rice
Coconut milk
Chicken thighs
Onions cut into strips
Sliced spring onions and coriander



Flat rice noodles
Tamarind sauce
King prawns
Vegetables cut into strips
Fresh herbs

Sri Lankan


Egg noodles
Vegetables cut into strips
Sri Lankan paste
Coconut milk

Build your own

Soup bowls

Eating from bowls has suddenly become a very fashionable way  to have a meal. Try these three variations of Oriental soups using some of our new pastes. It’s simple –
add cooked noodles, vegetables, meats, mix the pastes with boiling water and pour over.

Laksa fragrant spicy creamy


Mei Yang Mei noodles
Your choice of vegetables
Cooked chicken thighs
Laksa paste
Boiling water
Fresh herbs

Miso Umami earthy traditional


Soba noodles
Your choice of vegetables
Fresh herbs
Tofu diced
Miso soup base
Boiling water
Fresh herbs

Tom Yum hot sour tangy


Rice noodles
Your choice of vegetables
Cooked king prawns
Tom Yum paste
Boiling water

The main courses

When it comes to oriental cuisine and main courses, we’ve got plenty to choose from whether you’re looking to create a curry day or night or just add a dish as a special.

Just choose a base dish and an accompaniment of your choice of rice and noodles. For the vegetarian options you could offer a range of toppers to turn it into a perfect curry for a meat lover, allowing you to add versatility to your menu options.

Featured products: 

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  2. Everyday Favourites Thai vegetable noodles 12x350g · frozen
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  4. Little & Cull red Thai chicken curry 6×1.6kg · frozen
  5. Gluten-free vegan Penang curries 12x300g · frozen
  6. Ca Ri Vietnamese veg curry 24x340g · frozen
  7. Premium Selection Korean pork belly strips 12x300g · Frozen

Handy Oriental recipes

Get inspired with a few of our favourites below

To help you build your Oriental menu options we’ve put together some handy recipes using some of our new oriental products that are available to order now. Take a look, get inspired and add some of these recipes to your menus to bring the flavours of the Orient to life. For even more inspiration take a look at our recipes section.

Catering supplies

for your oriental menu


We’ve got everything you need to serve up your Oriental menus in style! Our selection of rustic plates, bowls and bamboo steamers will give you an authentic edge when it comes to showing off your flavoursome oriental dishes.

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