Date posted: 17/08/2018

Wild venison loin with skirlie & blackcurrant sauce

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    Ardgay Game venison loin
    Blackcurrent jam
    Stoats Rustic apple & raspberry muesli 200g
    Slightly salted butter
    Shallots blanched peeled 4
    Baby carrots blanched 3
    Cooked baby beets 3
    Cylinder shaped potatoes 3
    Blackberries 3
    Blueberries 6
    Asparagus spears 4
    Red wine jus 100ml
    Crispy parsnips


    1. Trim any excess sinew from the venison loin and season
    2. Blanch off the vegetables ready to be cooked in butter
    3. Heat the red wine sauce in a pot and add the brambles leave to one side
    4. Heat some oil in a pan and brown the meat, once it has been browned all over add a large knob of butter reduce the heat and baste the meat in the foaming butter turning several times, finish it off in the oven at 170oc for a min and a half, return to the warm butter and baste again before resting
    5. Heat a knob of butter in a pan then add the vegetables, season and warm them through.
    6. Arrange the vegetables on a plate then slice the venison into nice medallions, place carefully on the vegetables then spoon the sauce around the plate (be generous)
    Chef tip (garnish with deep fried parsnip)
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