Date posted: 26/04/2019

Olive pitta with slow cooked lamb

  • Serves 10
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For the slow cooked lamb
Farmstead lamb shoulder tied 1
Harissa paste 100g
Everyday Favourites red wine vinegar 20ml
Tate & Lyle dark soft brown sugar 50g
Everyday Favourites paprika 10g
Maldon sea salt 5g
Everyday Favourites oregano 10g
For the pickled carrot salad
Carrot fine cut 1kg
Mint chopped 10g
Everyday Favourites crushed chillies 2g
Everyday Favourites white wine vinegar 80ml
Pure olive oil glass 40ml
World of Spice za'atar spice 5g
Everyday Favourites sesame seeds 20g
Tate & Lyle caster sugar drum 30g
For the pitta
Olive & tapenade round pitta 20
Slow cooked lamb (pre-made) 800g
Tahini paste 100g
The Real Deli tzatziki 240g
Fresh mixed herbs - mint & parsley 50g
Pickled carrot salad (pre-made) 500g
Lemon wedges 10
World of Spice sumac spice 10g
Pomegranate seeds 50g


Slow cooked lamb 1. Trim the shoulder and tumble all the ingredients together and place over the lamb. 2. Vac Pac and water bath for 7 hours at 72c. 3. Once cooked for 7 hours remove from the bag with all the juices and place into an oven tray - cook at 180c for another hour until the natural juices have reduced down then pull the lamb and keep warm until required.   Pickled carrot salad 4. Slice all ingredients and toast the sesame seeds. 5. Mix all ingredients together and chill until required. The pitta 6. Char grill the pitta until warm. 7. Top with the lamb, tahini paste, tzatsiki, herbs, pickled carrot salad and another pitta. 8.Cut in half and dust with sumac, pomegranate seeds and a wedge of lemon.
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