Date posted: 03/05/2019

Moroccan chickpea and couscous salad

A Moroccan couscous salad with chickpeas, raisins and colourful vegetables coated in a delicious Mediterranean dressing, topped with feta cheese

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    Couscous 150g
    Feta cheese 250g
    Raisins 40g
    Boiling chicken or vegetable stock 225ml
    Extra virgin olive oil 3 tbsps
    Lemon juice 2 tbsps
    Garlic clove crushed 1
    Everyday Favourites ground cumin 1 tsp
    Everyday Favourites ground coriander 1 tsp
    Everyday Favourites ground ginger ½ tsp
    Salt 1 tsp
    Carrot peeled and grated 1
    Red pepper - diced ½
    Red onion - diced ¼
    Canned chickpeas - rinsed and drained 240g
    Finely chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley 2 tbsps


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    1. Use a ratio of 200-225ml of water per 150g of couscous.
    2. Add chicken or vegetable stock and bring to the boil.
    3. Mix couscous and raisins in a bowl and then add to boiling water and simmer for 10 minutes.
    4. Drain the couscous and then fluff with a fork to separate the grains.
    5. Add and stir through the carrot, red pepper, onion, chickpeas and parsley.
    6. To create the dressing, place the olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, spices, and salt in a bowl and mix.
    7. Separate the grains and stir through the carrot, red pepper, onion, chickpeas and parsley.
    8. Pour over the dressing and toss together until well combined.
    9. Crumble feta cheese on top.
    10. Serve warm or at room temperature.
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