Date posted: 29/04/2022

Loaded grilled corn cobbs – Peruvian style

Grilled corn cobbs topped with a punchy aji lime mayo dressing, crumbled feta and paprika

  • Serves 10
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Mini corn on the cobbs 10
Crushed chillies 2g
Ground cumin 1g
Triple lion smoked paprika 6g
La Espanola pure olive oil glass 40ml
Kalos feta cheese (chilled) 120g
Loose lime 5
Micro coriander 10g
(Aji verde dressing) coriander 80g
(Aji verde dressing) garlic 15g
(Aji verde dressing) green chillies 30g
(Aji verde dressing) loose lime 2
(Aji verde dressing) spring onion trimmed 1
(Aji verde dressing) white wine vinegar 15ml
(Aji verde dressing) vegan mayonnaise 180ml
(Aji verde dressing) sea salt
(Aji verde dressing) olive oil 60ml


  1. Blanch the corn and refresh. Set it to one side to drain.
  2. Add all the spices, oil and blanched corn into one mixing bowl. Tumble them together before chargrilling the corn until it’s cooked.
  3. Crumble the feta over the top of the corn cobbs, and drizzle with aji dressing and some blackened lime wedges.
  4. Finish off by topping with some coriander before serving.
  5. (Aji verde dressing) de-seed the green chilli and roughly chop. Place it into a food blender.
  6. (Aji verde dressing) Add peeled garlic, chopped spring onion, white wine vinegar, mayonnaise, salt, half of the olive oil and blend them all together until the mixture is smooth.
  7. (Aji verde dressing) add the coriander as well as the zest and juice from the limes, and blend until it is smooth and a nice vibrant green colour.
  8. (Aji verde dressing) remove the mixture from the blender and drizzle the remainder of the olive oil in, just before serving.
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