Date posted: 24/01/2020

Hellmann’s® philli ‘cheesesteak’

  • Serves 10
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Hellmann’s vegan mayo 2.6ltr 500ml
COLMAN'S English mustard 2.25ltr 20ml
Vegan cheese 350g
Knorr white roux 1kg 100ga
Soya milk (unsweetened) 900ml
Flat leaf parsley 30g
Lemon 1 pc
Olive oil 50ml
Portobello mushroom - flat 800g
Knorr Professional garlic puree 750g 20g
Marmite yeast extract 600g tub 30g
Onions 200g
Green peppers 300g
Sub roll (White) 10 pc


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  Advance preparation:
  1. Combine lemon zest and juice, with finely chopped flat leaf parsley and Hellmann’s vegan mayo.
  2. Over medium heat sauté onions, green peppers and sliced portobello mushrooms separately.
  3. For cheese sauce heat soya milk to boil, whisk in Knorr white roux granules for 30 seconds and combine with marmite yeast extract, COLMAN'S English mustard and grated vegan cheese for smooth sauce.
To assemble:
  1. Slice Sub rolls in half and spread base with Hellmann’s vegan mayo mix.
  2. Top with onions, peppers and mushrooms.
  3. Top with cheese sauce and grill for approximately 2 minutes till lightly browned and cheese sauce melted.
  4. Serve on suitable dish.
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