Date posted: 07/12/2018

Farmstead chicken teriyaki-style

  • Serves 6
  • Timing: 25 mins
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Farmstead chicken thigh boneless skinless 900g
Dry sherry 150ml
Lee Kum Kee premium light soy sauce 150ml
Granulated sugar 60g
Prep sunflower oil 60g
Knorr Professional ginger puree 45g
Spring onion, cut into rings 3 pcs.
Everyday Favourites sesame seeds 10g


  1. Cut the chicken thighs into smaller pieces. Bring the sherry to a boil and let it simmer until the alcohol has evaporated. Next, add the soy sauce and sugar, reduce until it becomes slightly syrupy.
  2. Heat the sunflower oil in the wok and stir-fry the chicken thigh in 6-8 minutes until done. Add the teriyaki sauce to the preparation and let it evaporate on high heat until the sauce thickens and shines. Then stir in the ginger. Sprinkle the sesame seeds and the spring onions on the dish and serve.
Tip – Delicious with rice and green vegetables, such as broccoli or spinach.
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