Date posted: 01/08/2022

Big Al’s summer smoke stack

  • Serves 1
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Big Al’s Prime Burger 1
Everyday Favourites Cheddar cheese slice 1
Pickles 20g
Chilli mayonnaise 15g
Pickle juice 5g
Brioche bun
Everyday Favourites mayonnaise to spread on Brioche bun base
Rashers of cooked streaky bacon 2
Crispy onions


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  1. Place Prime Burger onto hot plate at 180/190ºC. Ensure underside of the burger is in contact with the grill for even colouration and cooking.
  2. Flip after 3 minuets and cook for a further 2.5 minutes.
  3. Add cheddar cheese slice to your burger for last the minute of cooking.
  4. Ensure the burger has reached a core temperature of 75ºC.
  5. Place cooked burger to one side to rest and in the meantime chop up 20g of pickle slices into small pieces.
  6. Next combine the pickle with 15g of chilli mayo and 5g of pickle juice and mix well.
  7. Toast your brioche bun on the hot plate
  8. When bun is toasted spread egg mayonnaise on the base of the bun and add your cooked Prime burger with cheese.
  9. Then add 2 rashers of cooked streaky bacon and on top place your chilli mayo / pickle mixture.
  10. Top with crispy onions and your brioche lid and enjoy!
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