Date posted: 18/09/2018

Bharwan grilled paneer

  • Serves 10
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Paneer cheese 2kg
Everyday Favourites ground turmeric 10g
Greek style yoghurt 100g
Everyday Favourites paprika 10g
Knorr professional ginger purée 20g
Chopped garlic in oil 20g
Everyday Favourites garam masala 15g
Everyday Favourites ground cumin 15g
Baby spinach 60g
Fresh mint 60g
Fresh green chillies 2
Fresh coriander 60g
Arco Sicilian lemon juice 15ml


Great portioned into small pieces and skewered as a buffet option but also as a starter, light lunch with a selection of salads, or even put into a carrier such as a folded naan or paratha and eaten that way. The word Bharwan means stuffed so any dish with this in the title will generally be a stuffed snack or small dish. The medium heat in this dish is mellowed with the delicious paneer cheese and minty yoghurt.
  1. Slice the paneer cheese.
  2. To make the marinade mix the turmeric, Greek yoghurt, paprika, ginger purée garlic, garam masala and cumin together and rub over the cubed paneer.
  3. To make the filling wash the spinach, mint, chilli and coriander and dry very well, place all the ingredients into a blender and blitz.
  4. Make a sandwich with the paneer and filling, fix together with wooden skewers and grill under a hot grill.
  5. Drizzle with lemon juice, cut into squares and serve.
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