Health is Wealth

Yes, we've spoken about it before, but the health food trend continues to rise, and it simply cannot be ignored

The pandemic has been a clear driver, with over a third of people now making more of an effort to be healthy than they were back in 2019. Today, over 7 in 10 UK adults are proactively trying to lead a healthy lifestyle.*

So what does it mean for operators?

Appealing to health-conscious consumers is crucial, as our bespoke research revealed 8 in 10 people consciously look for healthy options on menus when they eat out. And 1 in 4 people would actually go somewhere else if they saw no healthy options.*

But the real challenge for operators is that what ‘healthy’ means to one person is often different to the next

 So to get to grips with what your customers are looking for, we asked them: “if you’re trying to be healthier, what are you doing?”

Over a third (37%) are drinking lower calorie or lower sugar drinks*

health food trends 2022

Over half (53%) are counting calories or sugar content*

health food trends 2022

1 in 3 (33%) are limiting their alcohol consumption*

Our sub health food trends 2022 show the key ways that consumers are likely to be making healthier choices when they go out…

health food trends 2022

  • Calorie conscious consumers

  • Drink healthy

  • Healthy kicks

Bring this trend to life with our new recipe 

peri peri chicken meatball recipe

Peri peri chicken meatballs

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*Bespoke consumer survey, Bidfood & CGA, 1,502 UK consumers, October 2021

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