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At Bidfood we are passionate about supporting you with providing great lunches to your customers. The lunch time food market is particularly attractive since over 76% of UK consumers have bought lunch out of home for an everyday occasion in the last three months, with average spend per customer continuously growing – 8% up from the previous year in 2016! (Mintel, 2017).

With that being said, there has been a surge of high street openings to cater for more diverse tastes, with figures now highlighting there are 21% more restaurants than there were in 2011. (Mintel, 2017) The important challenge for you is to stand out from the crowd and differentiate in a congested marketplace, where a plethora of new, exciting outlets continue to raise the bar in terms of quality and consumer experience. This differentiation coming from the high street has resulted in an abundant amount of new trends and flavours making their way into the marketplace.

From sandwiches for on-the-go, to meals to fuel you for the rest of the day, as wholesale food suppliers we have everything you may need to create a great lunch time offering for your customers!

Grab and go

Progressively more people are buying their meals on-the-go from a growing variety of outlets, kiosks and pop-ups which offer global meal choices.

Street eats

Street food is currently booming. The style of food is influencing the choices of nearly half of all consumers eating out of home for lunch, whilst also encouraging huge differentiation of foods available on the high street.

Better me

Consumers in general are now looking more at what foods can do for them when they’re having lunch so that they can improve things like energy levels, anxiety, their skin and their acid reflux, linking to the rise of superfoods.

How can we help?

Our brochure discusses the wide range we have and how it fits into the various trends that are effecting the marketplace currently. We’ve incorporated recipes into the brochure to provide you with ideas on what you can do differently for your lunch offering so you can cater to the trends that your customers are wanting to see.

Grab and go options

Take a look at our BBQ meatball sub, a perfect treat for anyone wanting something quickly on the move.

Click here for the recipe

Better me options

If you are looking for a healthier lunch option to serve, take a look at our tasty Sri Lankan curry recipe!

Click here for the recipe

Point of sale

In order to help promote your lunch offering, we have created a number of posters as well as a social media planner with example posts. The posters can be used as posters or flyers to help promote our customers food offers. The social media planner is a simple layout designed to help you plan your communications. The example posts are split into seasons or topics to help aid you in creating content for your social media feeds. Please contact your sales representatives for a high resolution version.

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