by Laura Mason

Top 4 ice cream trends for 2023

Top 4 ice cream trends for 2023
I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream… Well maybe not in February but we’re seeing so much innovation in ice cream I thought I’d better share the inside scoop (excuse the pun) on what’s trending in the world of ice cream for 2023.


Dessert inspired flavours



There is no need to choose between ice cream or a desserts anymore because you can now have both. The world of ice cream is embracing flavours of some of our favourite desserts such as chocolate brownie, red velvet and even birthday cake.


A textural experience



Inclusions within ice cream are getting more adventurous by the year and give opportunity for manufacturers to create new and exciting flavour combinations, whether that be a classic combo we know and love or something a little bit more innovative. Also, when talking about texture we can’t forget to mention the phenomenon that is mochi ice cream. These bite sized balls of artisanal gelato have a soft mocha dough outer and a creamy gelato ice cream inside, giving a real textural experience.


Nostalgic flavours



The trend of nostalgic foods is only growing stronger. When it comes to ice cream it’s all about comforting flavours and combinations that take us back to when we were younger. Retro flavours such as raspberry ripple and rhubarb and custard are great examples of this.


Fully loaded



Consumer’s expectations of ice cream have been influenced by dessert parlours and what they offer. These parlours are all about giving options of toppings and piling them high for that Instagram-able look, and when we say options we mean plenty of options. Think sauces, whipped cream, toppings, popular chocolate bars, wafers and sprinkles. So definitely worth thinking how you can enhance your ice cream options on your menu.


So there you have it, those are our top ice cream trends for 2023.

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