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How to smash National School Meals Week

How to smash National School Meals Week
It’s the start of National School Meals Week 2022! This year’s theme is ‘Together, we make a difference’ which recognises the massive effect school caterers have, from helping children’s attainment and development, to contributing to a positive environmental impact on our planet.

To help you celebrate National School Meals Week, LACA have created 5 themes, and we’re here to help you smash each one out of the park.


Together, we make a difference launch



This one’s all about promoting your activities for the week ahead. Get your students excited by giving them a preview of what’s to come. A great way to do this is to create posters to promote your delicious menus and upcoming activities or by making table talkers filled with fun and educational facts about food.

Not sure what you want to do for National School Meals Week? Be sure to check out our latest theme day guide and delicious pizza recipes for some inspiration!


Go green lunch



This is your chance to make Greta Thunberg proud. With the focus on sustainability continuing to grow and 3 in 4 people now actively trying to lead an environmentally friendly lifestyle*, make sure to hit the mark with your go green menu with these recipes whipped up by our Culinary Development Chef. Check out our Greta Thunberg inspired activity ideas, recipes, and printable poster here


Our local lunch



What screams local more than classic British dishes made from local produce? Think savoury pies with crispy golden pastry, or tender Scottish salmon that melts in your mouth…

‘Our local lunch’ theme is a great opportunity to support the British economy as well as local farmers and producers, and we have a ton of recipes to help you do just that. Bring this theme to life with the help of our Celebrating British recipes which can be found here.


Eat more, waste less



Did you know that the average cost of avoidable food waste per meal is 22p? With sustainability being more important than ever, it is essential to educate the next generation on reducing food waste, recycling and composting.

Encourage your students to eat more and waste less by cooking up delicious meals and composting fruit and vegetable scraps. Find out more about how you can reduce waste here.

Psst! Did you know that banana skins soaked in water makes great plant fertiliser?



Usually the focus of lunchtime is on students, but how about bringing alive VIP Day by inviting a guest of honour?

Make VIP Day memorable by inviting teachers and lunchtime staff to dine as VIP guests. Get your students to help create the decorations, compile a playlist, and even help set up tables so teachers can eat like royalty! It’s time someone celebrated you.

Not for you? How about inviting your local MP or a local celebrity to lunch instead!

Don’t forget to take some photos to share on social media – trust us, this is a day you’ll want to remember.


So what are you waiting for? Let’s smash National School Meals Week and feed the next generation with meals that make a difference.

For more information on how we can support your school catering, click here.



*Bespoke consumer survey, Bidfood & CGA, 1,502 UK consumers, October 2021


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