by Flora Merryweather

How to boost your outdoor drinking!

How to boost your outdoor drinking!

Finally the time all of us have been dreaming of, a pub garden, cold pint of beer and the sun out. With outdoor dining becoming such a big thing, it is known that 50% of operators are planning to or have invested in outdoor dining already*.

This is only going to increase over the summer to capture the al fresco lifestyle that the Brits relished over the pandemic. But this isn’t just a short term solution, 75% of consumers say that they will eat/drink outdoors in heated and covered areas even in the winter!**

With there being such a big focus on hygiene and cleanliness, we are seeing a big increase in the usage of disposables cups versus glassware for outdoor drinking. Not only will it save you time with the reduction in having to clean them all, but also reduce the risk of breakage.

Having listed a new range of recyclable pint and half pint glasses with corresponding lids for takeaways we as anticipating this to remain a popular line for us! Not only is this a fantastic range but we have a promotional price on them until end of May.

3 facts about flexi-glasses that makes them perfect for outdoor drinking:

  • They are designed with a step in the base, for maximum stackability. This also allows them to be easily pulled apart, thus making them an ideal choice in busy bars and areas where safety and speed of service are of primary importance.
  • Manufactured under strict hygienic conditions the tumblers are sleeved to keep them clean and dust free.
  • Recyclable!

07245 Flexy Glass 285ml (10oz) (1/2 Pint To Brim – CE Marked)
07246 Flexy Glass 340ml (12oz) (1/2 Pint To Line – CE Marked)
07247 Flexy Glass 568ml (20oz) (1 Pint To Brim – CE Marked)
07248 Flexy Glass 610ml (23.5oz) (1 Pint To Line – CE Marked)
45762 Lid for Flexy Glasses

Drinks trends are forever evolving with the introduction of low/no alcohol wholesale products and hard seltzers becoming increasingly popular. Almost a third (31%) of UK consumers plan on drinking less, or no, alcohol when they return to the out-of-home market, compared to what they drank pre-covid.*** Gone are the days of ostentatious cocktail glasses, keeping it simple in a clear recyclable cup with fresh fruit definitely seems to be the way forward!

Have a look at our Helping You With… Takeaway guide for more ideas on how to present your takeaway offering!



*Lumina Intelligence, 2021
**Mintel Eating out review, Dec 2020
***CGA, Consumer Countdown to Reopening Series 2


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