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How to create a romantic coffee experience for Valentine's Day

How to create a romantic coffee experience for Valentine's Day

We know the UK is now a nation of coffee lovers and continues to grow despite Covid-19 pandemic disruption and most recently also hit by the cost of living crisis. The total market increased by 11.9% over the last 12 months and is now valued at £4.9 billion.1

Valentine’s Day is not just about chocolates and flowers; it is also an opportunity to share special moments. What better way to do so than over a cup of beautifully crafted coffee or hot chocolate?

Let’s explore how you can give your customers a memorable Valentine’s Day coffee experience as part of their celebration.

1. Choose speciality coffee

Elevate your customers coffee experience, with high quality, specialty coffee beans. Choose from Arabica to Robusta, Black + White Coffee Co. to our newly launched Grumpy Mule coffee range. Bidfood only work with the most trusted coffee shop suppliers to bring you the best of both our own brand coffee as well as well-known coffee brands.

2. Offer a diverse menu

The beverage your customer chooses often reflects certain aspects of their personality and lifestyle. Someone who drinks black coffee may be seen as a no-nonsense individual, and a latte drinker is seen as sociable, so ensure you offer a diverse coffee menu to cater for all your customers.*

Not only offer different brews such as espresso, cappuccino, flat white and latte but also consider offering different roast levels, and be sure to have hot chocolate on the menu.

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3. Personalised coffee cups

There will be many posts about Valentine’s Day on social media, so ‘instagrammable’ takeaway cups are a must! Having custom print on your coffee cups helps increase the visibility of your brand, and it can also help attract new customers, ensuring loyalty and building trust in your product. So think carefully what your brand stands for by having a memorable logo and a cohesive colour scheme that sets you apart from competitors.

To find out more about custom print, take look at this easy guide.

4. Add a sweet touch

Enhance your hot drink offer with a Valentine’s hot chocolate. This can be easily achieved by using different syrups such as honey-comb or vanilla, which create new and exciting flavours. Be sure to add some cream and marshmallows or chocolate shavings!

Also, think about pairing your coffee offer with pastries and desserts. The combination of rich coffee and sweet treats creates a harmonious flavour experience.

Who said coffee was just for the mornings! As the evening progresses, offer a coffee cocktail such as an espresso martini or Irish coffee.

5. Sustainability

Ethical consumerism is what everyone is talking about, and can be a key consideration for your customers. However, what does it mean for coffee? Firstly, ethically sourced coffee is kind to the people who produce it ensuring fair prices, equal pay and working with suppliers to help build a better life for coffee farmers and their families. Secondly, the coffee grown has to have minimal impact on the environment.

Founded in 2019 the Msia coffee club helps the children and village of Msia in Tanzania, where the beans are grown. £3 per case sold of Black + White Msia medium roast coffee beans goes to fund a project. Since the club was founded there have been many changes to the Msia school, the most significant being the addition of a well which the Msia coffee club helped with paying for and now the village and school have access to 32,000 litres of fresh water, an amazing development for the people living in Msia.

More information regarding the Msia project and the full Black + White guide can be found here.

There we have it! That was a whistle-stop tour on creating a romantic Valentine’s Day coffee experience.

Discover more about our coffee offering here: Coffee Your Way | Own brand – Bidfood – coffee bean supplier

*Allegra Project Café UK 2023



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