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How to elevate hot and cold drinks with syrups

How to elevate hot and cold drinks with syrups

The news is flooded with headlines of high inflation, cost of living crisis, high energy and food prices, and pressures on hospitality. When incomes are squeezed, all of us look for those little luxuries that make all the difference! That is exactly what we are seeing in the coffee shop market – it continues to grow, as there is a rising trend of consumers drinking coffee as an indulgent treat. In 2023 the coffee market grew by 11.9% v 2022 and is now valued at £4.9billion*
So, what is the secret, how is coffee used to create indulgent beverages? In this blog we will explore how to use syrups to elevate your hot and cold drinks’ unique proposition to customers when value for money is more important than ever.

A little bit of history…

Now where did the trend of using syrups in coffee all start? These liquid treasures have a rich history, with roots tracing back to the Middle East and Europe. Syrups were commonly used in the 19th century; to sweeten and flavour coffee in cafes across Europe, adding depth and complexity to the beloved beverage.
Over time, the popularity of syrups spread worldwide, evolving to include a diverse line-up of flavours and usage.

Present day…

Fast forward and today syrups are growing in demand across the globe! Research shows that enjoying the taste is the top reason to drink coffee, however less than half of under-35 coffee drinkers reach for a drink to enjoy the taste and under-45s are equally likely to reach for coffee for an energy boost as well as the taste*.
Even more reason to get creative and enhance coffee with unique concoctions of syrup flavours to create extraordinary beverages that customers will come back for more!
We know that during an economic downturn we need to offer customers something unique that they cannot replicate at home. With so many different commercial style coffee machines accessible to be used in the comfort of your own home and equally as good coffees to go with it; consumers are pretty good at creating barista-made standard coffees from the comfort of their own home.
So what can we do to make them want to go out for a cold or hot drink?

Let’s talk syrups…

High-end hot and cold drink creations that are elevated through the creative use of syrups are the ideal secret ingredient to achieving uniqueness and relevance with consumers. And can also help with increasing overall sales and profit per drink, as consumers expect to pay a bit more for a luxury treat!
The beauty of syrups lies in their ability to unleash creativity and experimentation. From classic favourites like vanilla and caramel used on their own or for more unique flavours, offer a honey nut latte by combining honeycomb and hazelnut syrups using new to Bidfoood; Sweetbird syrups.
These are made in the UK and are approved by the Vegan society, making them a perfect ingredient to use with milk alternatives for any hot or cold beverage.

Coffees and cold drinks are enjoyed across the seasons, a latte is still the favourite hot beverage type and iced coffee is the favourite cold beverage, however it is closely followed by frappes**. And over half of all consumers ranked indulgence as the most important factor when choosing their iced beverage***.
Now that we are heading towards the warmer season, ensure you have your menu set for all your cold drink offers such as ice coffees, coolers, milkshake and frappe ready!
Flavoured iced coffee is the iconic refreshment and is so simple to prepare, requiring just a few ingredients.
Take a large tall glass (500ml), add 360ml of cold milk followed by some ice. Then it’s time to make your double espresso shots by using good quality coffee, we recommend using Black + White Coffee Co. Msia Coffee Club Medium Roast Coffee Beans (61259). It’s important to add the syrup at the right stage, or it won’t dissolve properly. Add your chosen syrup – mix the syrup into the hot coffee and stir. Now pour the hot coffee/syrup over your milk and ice. Finish off with a sprinkle of chocolate. It really is that easy!

A few tips on how to use syrups…

  • Start with a base: Begin by selecting your base beverage, whether it’s a classic espresso, an iced latte, a hot chocolate, craft lemonade, or a fruit base for blending.
  • Choose your syrup: Select your desired syrup flavour or combination of flavours. Consider the flavour profile of your base beverage and choose syrups that complement or enhance its characteristics. Get creative and have a play!
  • Measure and mix: Add the desired amount of syrup to your beverage, we would recommend 15 ml of syrup as a good starting point for experimenting with syrup flavourings. Taste as you go and adjust.
  • Garnish – the icing on the cake: finish off your creation with a garnish such as whipped cream, chocolate shavings, or a sprinkle of cinnamon.
  • Seasonal – use syrups to highlight the season; hazelnut is perfect for autumn drinks and vanilla has a hint of a summer feel!

There are endless possibilities when creating fun and exciting beverages with syrups, which offer a gateway to a world of flavourful delights. Whether you’re crafting specialty drinks in an specialist independent café or a nationwide chain catering to diverse range of consumers, coffee syrups are sure to elevate your menu, margins and customer experience.
So go ahead, unleash your inner barista, and let the magic of syrups transform your menu this season.

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More information regarding the Msia project and the full Black + white guide can be found here.

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