by David King

5 tips to support your team’s mental wellbeing during COVID-19

5 tips to support your team’s mental wellbeing during COVID-19

So the past few months have been fairly surreal to say the least. As this strange period of lockdown continues, the strain on your business and your employees’ wellbeing is undoubtedly a growing concern.

To help you with looking after your staff during this extraordinarily odd time, I’ve taken a look at some of the fantastic resource Mind have available and picked out the one’s I believe are most supportive, as well as the key things that have worked personally for me. Here’s my top 5:

1. Touch base with your team members regularly

It’s really easy to feel overwhelmed and on your own while all of this is going on. I’ve personally found my team’s daily video calls have helped me feel really connected to my team and to my business. Whatever software you’re using, daily or weekly team catch-ups to check in on each other are a really great way to keep your team’s morale up. I don’t think my team have enjoyed my Friday holiday shirts as much as I have – but each to their own, I guess!

2. Eat well

Sounds simple but it’s not always easy right… Especially when the pressure is on like it is now. Research is still in its early days on this but early studies have shown that our diet does play a role in helping us balance our mental health. We’ve recently teamed up with Christine Bailey, an award winning nutritional therapist who specialises in the diets link with the brain and what this means for our mental wellbeing. Christine provided us with a load of recommendations to focus on, including eating more healthy fats, minerals, vitamins and protein, along with also eating a diet rich in foods like salmon, green/black tea, flaxseed, eggs and leafy greens to name a few. A few small changes to yours and your team members’ diets can have a big impact! Check out our full guide to √Self if you’re intrigued to hear more.

3. Adopt a routine

There is loads online at the moment about the perks of adopting a routine and I think I may have jumped on the bandwagon a bit later with this than everyone else but it really has its benefits. Keeping a clear routine in your working day has really helped me; blocking out my diary for different work tasks, scheduled lunch breaks, different daily workouts and spending more time cooking in the evenings are just a few things that have helped me adjust to this new isolated lifestyle.

4. Furlough is not farewell

I think it’s fair to say that no one had heard of this term ‘furlough’ before the coronavirus outbreak, but now all you hear is businesses placing staff into furlough. It can be a seriously anxious period for members of staff who are being placed in furlough and it is really important to recognise this, but to also recognise businesses are doing this to secure their long term future. Keeping furloughed members of your team in touch with bi-weekly or monthly updates is a great way to help those members of your team feel in touch with how their business is getting on.

5. Help others if you’re able to

There are some really touching examples on social media of businesses supporting the NHS, the vulnerable, those in need and charities with acts of kindness. If things are quieter and if you have the capability to support others with things like; products, meals, and delivery of goods, then this is a fantastic way to help take care of your communities. Our recent 2020 trends looked at this theme that society is becoming more ‘me than we’ and I think it’s fair to say the recent panic buying fiasco unfortunately demonstrated this. Encouraging your staff away from this and into supporting your local community helps give back and boosts your team morale for the long term.

The campaign mentioned above; The Square Root of Self (√Self) is our initiative that aims at getting to the root cause of mental wellbeing through the role food has in staying well, the role we play as caterers and also the role we play as employers in supporting our customers’ and teams’ long-term wellbeing. Visit the √Self to hear more.

These are just my 5 top tips to support your team’s mental wellbeing. If you want to know more, I’d recommend visiting Mind’s website for further advice and information.

Take care and keep well!


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