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5 simple steps to creating Natasha’s Law labelling

5 simple steps to creating Natasha’s Law labelling
As of 1st of October 2021 all food businesses in the out of home sector that have foods pre-packed for direct sale, PPDS, now have to label the packaging with the full ingredients and emphasise the allergens this is now known commonly as Natasha’s Law.

PPDS food is defined as food that is packed on site before being offered for sale by the same food business to the final consumer. This, for example, could be a ‘grab and go’ sandwich where the operator has prepared the sandwich on site, wrapped the product and is then placed in a chilled counter, ready for a consumer to select as their food choice and then continue to pay for the sandwich.

So here at Bidfood we have come up with a solution that is simple, safe and effective for your business.

We have teamed up with Daymark and their MATT 85 Labelling system to work alongside our own MyRecipes Program to help you produce a label that will not only support you to make a compliant Natasha’s Law label but coupled with MyRecipes platform will help you know how much it costs to produce and make giving you a 360 view of the product from ingredient’s to finished product.


The menu command operating software comes free of charge with the Matt85 system and has some amazing benefits such as:

  • Greater flexibility: accessible from any internet connection using Google Chrome, MenuCommand delivers extensive data storage and facilitates convenient menu updates
  • Safety and security: MenuCommand is a secure, cloud based portal with automatic software updates to the MenuPilot app
  • Easy menu updates: With MenuCommand, updates are securely and efficiently pulled in via the cloud to the MenuPilot app at the store level instantly (wifi connection permitting)
  • Print anytime, anywhere: the bluetooth-enabled Matt85™ label printer, delivered by DayMark as part of a complete automated food labelling program, allows users to print labels wirelessly using the MenuPilot app and the available Matt85 Android tablet


So how easy is it I hear you ask?


Well here are the 5 simple steps you need to follow using the Matt 85 system and MyRecipes:

  1. Log into Bidfood Direct and go to MyRecipes
  2. Create your recipe
  3. Copy the ingredient’s list from your download and copy into the menu command system
  4. Create and download your label
  5. Print off


Why not take a look at our Helping you with Natasha’s law

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