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10 minutes and under recipes

10 minutes and under recipes

Chefs in all sectors of our industry are facing tough challenges today when it comes to time and skill in kitchens. As a wholesale supplier we’re able to support our customers by providing a range of products and recipes to help with these issues. Below are some of our 10 minutes and under simple serve recipes created by our development chefs.

Mediterranean orzo pasta

A refreshing dish, made with orzo pasta, black olives, feta cheese and a tangy tomato base dressing. This popular Mediterranean-inspired salad, is known for its bright flavours and versatility.
Our recipe serves 10, is simple to construct and ready in under 10 mins!

Folded breakfast naan

A folded breakfast naan, this fusion dish offers a portable, flavourful meal that combines the convenience of a sandwich with unique flavours of Indian cuisine!
Bacon, egg, pakoras and chutney, this recipe is ready in 10 minutes and provides that world foods flare to any breakfast menu.

Couscous and goats cheese salad

A dish composed of fluffy cous cous, creamy goat’s cheese and fresh rocket, herbs and a tangy dressing. This plate offers a delightful combination of textures, flavours and colours – the perfect summer recipe to help save you time in the kitchen.

Crispy maple BBQ wings

A super simple and delectable dish featuring crispy chicken wings, coated in a sweet and tangy maple barbecue sauce. This flavourful combination offers a perfect sweet and smoky taste, making it a popular choice for those sticky, finger-licking fanatics!
Ready in just 10 mins!

So there you have it, some of our 10 minutes and under recipes to help save you time and effort in the kitchen! If you want to discover more ten minute and under recipes of other time-saving kitchen recipes, head over to the Menu Solutions webpage.
We also have a Menu Solutions product guide available to provide menu solutions for all meal occasions, go check it out now!

If you’re still strapped for time, be sure to check out 5 ways to reduce cooking time in your kitchen.

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