Date posted: 18/11/2022

Need inspiration on pub food? Join the club – Bidfood launches new online resource for pub operators

One of the UK’s leading foodservice providers Bidfood, has launched The Pub Kitchen Club, a dedicated online resource for pub operators.

The new content hub, which is rooted in insight, will provide inspiration, advice and support to help pub operators navigate the continuing challenges the industry faces, offering a valuable resource for anyone involved in pub food.

The Pub Kitchen Club, features insights on the latest consumer and sector trends, thought leadership from business leaders and industry influencers, as well as advice from Bidfood’s team of pub channel experts.

Bidfood has been an integral part of the UK foodservice market for over 20 years, priding itself on its teams’ knowledge of the pub market, as well as helping to bring in fresh thinking to pub operators from the insights and ideas gained across the many other sectors Bidfood operates in.


Source of quality information and advice

Joe Angliss, Marketing and Insights Manager at Bidfood, said: “The market is continually changing, unprecedented challenges, including climbing costs and recruitment remain, and consumer needs are ever-evolving. To help support pub operators around these and other key issues.”

He adds: “Albeit a challenging time, it’s also a time for change, agility and blue-sky thinking, providing operators with a new set of opportunities. We hope The Pub Kitchen Club will be a place that pub operators visit regularly as a source of quality information and advice to help their business stand out from the crowd.”

The Pub Kitchen Club is aimed at supporting pub operators of all sizes, from head chefs and executive chefs of small pub groups to the heads of food at medium to large pub operators.

Ross Pike, Chef Director of Oakman Group, said: “It is great that Bidfood has created this resource specifically for pub operators, featuring insights and views from pub experts. While many challenges and opportunities are shared with other areas of the hospitality market, there are many which are unique to pubs and so it is brilliant to have this dedicated resource.”


Ongoing sector support

Bidfood’s Joe Angliss adds: “Bidfood offers an extensive range of support to help meet the needs of pub operators, including an ever-evolving and on-trend product range offering food, drink and catering supplies. Our team are passionate about food and 100% dedicated to delivering service excellence to help our customers to succeed and grow.”

As well as The Pub Kitchen Club, Bidfood also provides a range of other useful inspiration resources for pub operators, including podcasts on key industry topics and recipe ideas.

The foodservice provider also recently launched a 2023 Food & Drink Trends Report, 2023 Food and Drink Trends. View our latest 2024 food and drink trends.

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