Simply global

This trends is all about making global cuisine easy and simple, using authentic ingredients to create new fusion dishes.

Why is this a 2020 food trend?

As global ingredients become more accessible, chefs, mixologists and baristas are creating more authentic dishes and drinks. Along with truly authentic meals, we also see a touch of global flavour being added to traditional favourites, through spices, sauces and marinades, creating global fusion dishes.

Key sub-trends for simply global:

  1. Global fusion – This is fusion cooking 2.0 as we combine lots of different spices and cuisines
  2. Flavours of the pacific – Taking inspiration from the diverse range of cuisines that surround the Pacific ocean
  3. Middle Eastern – The Middle Eastern trend continues with becomes more regional staples gaining popularity
  4. Authentic Indian – We are seeing a movement to lighter, fresher and more authentic dishes
  5. Extreme Americana – This is all about creating new American-fusion dishes, using the best ingredients
  6. World heat – It’s easier than ever to add a pinch of global heat to any dish

Why not try our new recipe to bring this trend to life


Sitcky chicken bao buns

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