Feed the senses

Food and drink is all about fun. We want to interact with friends and family, sharing food, giving us little tastes of lots of different things.

Why is this a 2020 food trend?

There is also much more of a focus on fully sensory experiences within food and drink. There is a whole scale of experience, from full on immersion & themed dining, through to subtle use of smell, light and sound to create an experience. The way the consumer eats, seeing how the food and drink is prepared and how both are served allows for interaction, sharing, and creates a real talking point.

Key sub-trends for feed the senses:

  1. Sticks, skewers and dipping – We see sticks and skewers piled high with added textures, flavours and colours
  2. Sharing is caring – Sharing is a great way to try different dishes, tastes and flavours
  3. Food and drink mash up – This is all about having fun with food and drink, fusing foods and drinks together to create a new experience
  4. Eat the rainbow – Colour (or lack of!) is still a key trend. Foods can be black as night or as bright as the milky-way

Why not try our new recipe to bring this trend to life


Yarde Farm half moon ice cream sandwiches

Click here to see this recipe!

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