Creatively sustainable

Eco-anxiety is really taking hold amongst society with a renewed focus on the health of the planet and what we can do to help.

Why is this a 2020 food trend?

As consumers we are increasingly trying to cut back on our meat consumption by using vegan alternatives or vegetables taking centre stage on the plate. And when we do eat meat or fish we are looking more and more for it to be it sustainably sourced, using use everything from the animal. Consumers are not only focussed on the health of the environment, but on their own individual health. Pickled, cured and fermented ingredients are a great way to live more sustainably by reducing food waste, but also a great way to boost our own  gut health.

Key sub-trends for creatively sustainable:

  1. Dirty vegan – With meat alternatives improving all the time, indulgent vegan dishes are easy to create
  2. Waste not – As we all try to say farewell to plastic and food waste, chefs are getting creative with leftovers
  3. Centre plate veg – Vegetables themselves are now being heroed on the plate
  4. Go nuts – Alternate mylks are rapidly transforming the dairy scene, in both drinks and dishes
  5. Gut health – This year we see a clear shift in mind-sets towards food and drink offering functional health benefits
  6. On the bone – If we want to eat meat and fish we need to respect the animal and use everything that it offers

Why not try our new recipe to bring this trend to life


Vegan breakfast smoothie bowl

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