On the spot swaps

Worried about meeting your customer demands?

Don’t worry, we have support to give you wiggle room when designing your menus, making it easy to adapt if you’re facing a missed delivery or shortage of ingredients. We can help you with easy meal planning, how to improve the efficiency in the kitchen, and with simple ingredient swaps to unlock your menu.

On the Spot Swaps Bidfood Kitchen

Our Culinary Development Chef Damon Corey shows easy-to-put together recipes which are created from back-up stock, very handy for when you need to make simple and smart food swaps. His recipes are perfect if you’re looking for support with reduced resources and wanting to maximise your store cupboard essentials.

Chef swaps

We’ve created a poster guide of easy food swaps that are integral to your popular dishes. This will help reduce food costs and help minimize food waste.

No chicken? No worries! We have a list of simple ingredient swaps to ensure that you can still satisfy your hungry customers.

Print out our helpful poster here

Customisable menus

Why not knock out two birds with one stone? We’ve created customisable menus for your key dishes which can be changed day to day depending on which ingredients you have in stock.

This is a great way to minimize food waste by using leftover ingredients, account for missing ingredients, reduce food costs, as well as to give your customers full control to design meals to their liking.

Print out the customisable menu here

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