Day part solutions

How to improve profit through the day

You should constantly review and see what possibilities there are on your menu for throughout the different day parts.

You should always ask questions about your offer, such as:

  • Does a brunch or all day dining menu bring in enough revenue to require the extra manpower in the kitchen?
  • Which days of the week bring in the most revenue for these specific service styles? If it is Friday, Saturday and Sunday then consider only doing services on those days.
  • If you have a brunch menu, can it be simplified by sticking to the breakfast basics?
  • If you have an all-day dining menu between 14:00-17:00, can it be simplified to just be a sandwich/hot Panini with cooked chips menu? That could then be a service done by using a lower skilled/junior member of staff. This then frees up a chef and waiter to either prepare for the evening or take a break between services

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