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The modern consumer across all age groups has shown a firm commitment to personal improvement. In fact, the number of vegans alone has rocketed by 360% in the UK over the last decade!*  Needless to say, appealing to this health conscious market can be complicated and challenging. To help you, we have created a simple guide to the latest wellness trends for hotels – with recommended item swaps and suggested recipes to excite your customers.

*The Caterer, April 2017

Wellness trends

It is estimated that that one in three people are now a flexitarian* – these are people who are making an active choice to reduce their meat consumption on a daily basis. But vegan and vegetarian options are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to customisation options for your menu. From plant protein to free-from and on-the-go choices, we have gathered and broken down the top health and well-being movements including:

*Hotel F&B Magazine, October 2017

Ancient grains

Ancient grains and pulses have enjoyed a rising profile recently. These typically offer more nutritional benefits than common wheat, such as being higher in protein, as well as some being naturally gluten-free, adding to the health halo surrounding them. They are also extremely versatile, and can be found in everything from breads to salads.

Source: Mintel, Crisps, Savoury Snacks, and Nuts UK, Jan 2017

Raw goodness

With three in ten under-25s having tried to adopt a ‘clean eating’ diet, it has become a mainstream phenomenon. The appeal of this concept is linked to ideas of bringing food closer to nature, with vegetables, nuts, pulses, and seeds all claiming the spotlight. Nor is it limited to young consumers: 40% of adults would be interested in trying this way of eating.

Source: Mintel – Attitudes towards Healthy Eating

Gut health

With claims that gut health can affect everything from body weight to how well we sleep, it is no wonder that it has seen such a huge spike in popularity. There has recently been a growing spotlight on raw fermented vegetables, as well as kefir kombucha, live yoghurts, pulses, and some cheeses.

Source: Davis, Nicola. The Guardian. 26th March 2018.


With a few simple tweaks, it is possible to put a modern twist on old classics. The convenience and appeal of a simple, energy-rich start to the day has recently driven a colour revolution in bowl foods like porridge and yoghurts. At the same time, while the traditional cooked breakfast remains the nation’s favourite breakfast, alternative options have proliferated in recent years. From vegan options to ancient grains, we have the right products for your menu.


A quarter of consumers who try to eat healthily do so to help them keep their energy levels up throughout the day. For hotels concerned about appealing to customers during business meetings, this is a key fact to bear in mind, as this demographic is primarily seeking sustenance to stay alert. From soups to salad components, we have the right range to help you meet this demand.


Promote your changes

Making small changes to your menu can have a massive consumer response, but only if your customers know about it. Have a look at a few of our top tips below for ways to resonate with consumers seeking to eat better:

  1. Use a ‘Better Choices’ key to easily identify better options. 37% of people would like to see clearer calorie guidelines on menus, but there is no need to stop there. Gluten free, high protein, vegetarian and vegan options can all be made to stand out with colour coded labelling. Source: Designed with Health in Mind May 2017
  2. Get your crockery right. People eat with their eyes, and interesting plates and bowls are a simple way to add value and differentiate your menu’s look and feel.
  3. Highlight seasonal or topical choices on promotional blackboards or posters – ie. world vegan month or world health day. If you’re stuck for inspiration, have a look at our sample posters below
  4. Don’t underestimate the power of social media. 18-34 year olds are driving the health food trend; this same age bracket are prime users of social media platforms so relevant information here could have a very powerful effect.

Source: The Caterer, April 2017

Point of sale

In order to help promote any menu changes you make, we have created a number of posters arranged by day part. These can be used by our customers to help raise awareness of the wellness trends they are offering. Please contact your sales representatives for a high resolution version.

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