Setting the scene


Setting the scene

The ambiance and setting is just as important as the food over the festive season. Ensure you have given this as much consideration as your menus and have all the little touches to make your parties, meals and Christmas day one to remember.

From our range of christmas party essentials

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14” Deluxe Cream & Gold Sparkle Crackers 1 x 25pk (21150)

12” Standard Christmas Wishes Crackers 1 x 50pk (37818)

12” Premium Burgundy & Gold Bauble Crackers 1 x 50pk (37972)

12” Luxury Winter Gold Crackers 1 x 50pk (31573)

Silver & gold foil blowouts 4 x 72pk (41106)

Silver & gold party poppers 20 x 50pk (41105)

Bolsius 4 Hour tealights 8 x 100pk (55027)

Multicolour rocket balloons 12 x 144pk (91778)

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