Recycling food2go packaging

A guide to rethink - reduce - reuse - recycle

Did you know?

There will be a 33% rise in the number of coffee cups used in the UK by 2030 without action to curb single use waste

Every minute around the world, over 1 million disposable cups are discarded

In 2018, the UK will use 16.5 billion pieces of plastic cutlery, 42 billion straws and 4.1 billion cups

At present, only 1 in 400 disposable coffee cups is recycled, despite 90% of customers putting them in recycling bins

Black plastic is problematic. Generally it is not collected as sorting machines are not able to detect the carbon black as they appear invisible

Paper-based food packaging must be free of all traces of food and drink before recycling

There are more than 50 types of plastic, making it more difficult to sort and reprocess than other materials

Contaminated paper stock is often incinerated or sent to landfill

Paper-based packaging made from more than one material are not widely recyclable, unless the materials can easily be separated – for example disposable cups

Single use lifecycle


Rethink – Do you need it?

“We are encouraging all of our customers and suppliers to rethink their usage of single-use products within their businesses. It’s fair to say that the fight on plastics and other single use products is here to stay, and by looking at how you use these products within your business, you could ultimately save money by investing in items that can be reused.” Paul Knight – Managing Director of Catering Supplies


What are the choices?


Decision tree for material choice


How to recycle


Hints and tips on waste management


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