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The pub market in Great Britain has experienced much change over the past decade. With outlet numbers dropping but turnover rates improving the market is showing great signs of a revival.1

Consumer needs are changing but how does this all affect the average Great British pub consumer?


The average consumers flavour palate is changing with international flavours flooding the streets in Great Britain and the availability of authentic niche cuisines also on the rise


In the pub market British food still tops the ranks, 72% of British consumers expect to see a traditional pub offer when visiting their local2


Dishes like beef burger, fish & chips, terrines and ice cream top the charts whilst old favourites like fruit crumbles and sausage & mash continue to attract purchases2


With consumer visits to pubs in decline it is more crucial than ever to maintain and grow your customer base.1 But what would motivate lost customers to come back to your pub?


Our research has revealed that a more international offering would tempt these customers back. By adding additional dishes inspired by cuisines including Italian, Chinese, Indian, American and Spanish you are more likely to attract these lost customers back.2



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