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Premier Foods are expanding our much-loved and popular Bird’s range with the launch of a new flavoured chocolate custard powder


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A staple in catering cupboards for decades

Bird’s are embarking on their first foray into flavoured custards to support caterers in providing nostalgic and traditional options which are in high demand.

Upon launch, Bird’s chocolate custard powder will be the only flavoured products in the market. These products offer flexibility for chefs as they are suitable for vegans when made up with a plant-based milk alternative, and will help operators to offer something new and tasty, whilst remaining cost-effective.

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Bird's chocolate flavoured custard powder

Bidfood code: 58257

Bird's strawberry flavoured custard powder

Bidfood code: 49994

Bird's custard mix

Bidfood code: 26182

Bird's custard mix reduced sugar

Bidfood code: 03029

Bird's custard powder

Bidfood code: 26455

Sarah Robb Marketing Manager, at Premier Foods, comments:

We believe the latest addition to our Bird’s range will help to add inspiration and new custard powder flavour options within the education and healthcare channels. For healthcare operators, traditional and nostalgic flavours have emerged as key trends, and chocolate is among the most popular flavours chosen. Both products are versatile, suitable for use as either a warm dessert topping or within cold recipes like trifles.

The new custard powder provide an all-in-one solution – great taste, quick preparation, suitable for vegans when made up with plant-based milk and great value for money, also allowing caterers greater flexibility to reduce sugar content on their menus in line with government guidelines.

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