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Our purpose is to bring happiness with every bite.

It’s a commitment shared by every pladis colleague, all around the world.

Family and ideas have always been our ingredients. Our founding families believed biscuits and chocolates could bring moments of happiness to the world. Their ideas have stood the test of time. Their spirit continues to inspire our future. It’s in the care and the craft we bake into biscuits and chocolates that have been loved for generations. And it’s in the fresh ideas, the new twists, flavours and textures we add to old and new favourites.

Crafted with care

We partner with farmers who share our vision. Together we source, grow, harvest, bake and bring you the snacks you love, while helping protect our planet. Some of our ingredients travel the world before they reach us. So, it’s essential that we know where they originated and the conditions in which they were grown and transported.

Local sourcing

Wherever we can we source the best ingredients locally. This helps us support local farmers and limits carbon emissions caused by transportation. We’ve built partnerships with local wheat farmers to give us access to consistent, high-quality flour that makes our biscuits unique.


Where we can’t source locally, we aim for 100% traceability. It’s important for us to know where these ingredients come from and the conditions in which they’re grown and harvested. For pladis this is most important for palm oil and cocoa beans.


With our partners we’re committed to making 100% of our plastic packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable. We’re reducing packaging through smarter design and the adoption of more sustainable materials to increase the percentage of recycled content. We also label packaging to facilitate recyclability.

Carbon emissions

We’re actively reducing our direct CO2 emissions and engaging with key suppliers on reducing their emissions. We’re reducing energy consumption, water usage and waste in our factories. We’re also purchasing 100% of renewable electricity in markets where it’s widely available.

Find out more about two of our brands below

Is it a biscuit or a cake? Or is it a donut? No - it’s a Jaffa Jonut

Jaffa Jonuts offer a fun and distinctive new edition of the original McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes and are on a mission to inspire the nation to be what they want to be! Proof (albeit tongue firmly in cheek proof) that we can all be anything we set our minds to!

Our magic Jaffa combo with a twist, soft donutty shaped sponge, tangy orangey filling, topped with a layer of crackly dark chocolate. The love child of the epic Jaffa Cakes and a tasty donut.

Whether you position McVitie’s Jaffa Jonuts as a tasty compliment alongside a hot cuppa for a late morning snack or as a mid-afternoon pick me up – Jaffa Jonuts are undoubtedly a perfect treat.


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McVitie’s Jaffa Jonut 12 x 43g

Bidfood code: 03460

Features and benefits

♦ Individually wrapped and sealed in its own pack offering a hygienic solution to displaying the product

♦ Eaten on the go, with a hot drink or simply as a treat

♦ Comes in a counter top display unit, ideal for displaying next to till points or decanting

♦ Packaging designed to be recyclable

♦ 74% of consumers considered Jaffa Jonuts as different from other available sweet snacks*

♦ Ideal for travel, leisure, on the go, coffee shops, hotels and vending

McVitie’s Jaffa Cake snack pack 20 x 4pk

Bidfood code: 37141

At Jacob’s we are dedicated to baking the best snacks

Baked with a passion our Mini Cheddars Range is guaranteed to deliver savoury satisfaction time after time.

A family of favourites for every occasion. With flavours to savour, these Mini Cheddars are baked to perfection, and filled with all the deliciousness and crunch just for you to enjoy. Oven baked not fried.

Jacob's Mini Cheddars Original 44x35g

Bidfood code: 02681

Jacob's Mini Cheddars Original 30x45g

Bidfood code: 90148

Jacob's Crinklys Cheese & Onion 30x45g

Bidfood code: 10869

Jacob's Mini Cheddars Red Leicester 30x45g

Bidfood code: 11372

Jacob's Mini Cheddars Smoky BBQ 30x45g

Bidfood code: 11370

*CPT/Kantar Research (30.11.2021)

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