Wine lists

So you have the perfect range, your staff are trained up, you have the perfect serve, glassware and POS to sell the range but how do you capture your customers attention? Market knowledge tells us that having an eye-catching and easy to read wine menu on the table helps drive more drinks sales. It still remains a fact that a high percentage of consumers have not decided what they want to drink by the time they get to the point of ordering and so having educated staff to recommend drinks to go with their meal is key to backing up a well put together wine list. Its very easy to brush over wine lists but there’s a lot of psychology that goes into making the perfect list. We can offer free wine menu production and our team of Category Development Managers are trained to create these for you and can do so in front of your very eyes with our new MRM platform. To find out more, please email

Typography and visuals

When used correctly, these can really communicate a restaurant’s personality and culture. Ensure that the list will still be legible when the lights are dimmed in the evening


Dividing the menu into logical sections makes it easier for customers to navigate. Put more profitable products inside a box to draw attention, and use the top right hand corner as an anchor spot

Negative space

Associated with luxury and sophistication, this can provide rhythm and flow to a menu


A colour scheme can set the mood of a restaurant, as well as helping to draw attention to certain items

Pain of paying

Customers are much more price sensitive when they can see pound signs on the list. Remove them to ease the ‘pain of paying’


The way a menu is worded can really affect a customer’s interaction with it, and ultimately their decision making. Think about your audience and use appropriate language that is simple and informative

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