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Uncle John’s Complete Hot Dog Experience!

Uncle John’s Hot Dogs are made from the finest cuts of smoked pork, traditionally smoked in a Beechwood smoker to bring authentic, quality taste. The perfect balance of herbs and spices give their products a superior flavour; from the traditional American style Bockwurst to the artisanal-inspired Bratwurst.

In addition, Uncle John’s offers point of sale support and branded disposables, designed in their customer-facing branding, focusing on the key selling points: quality, taste and authenticity.

Uncle John’s...

would love to help inspire your hot dog offering by supplying you with range of recipes. Whether it’s the true classic dog that your customers are looking for, or a range of gourmet options such as the ‘American dog’, the ‘German dog’ or the ‘Kansas City dog’.

The complete package

Uncle John’s have a range of point of sale available, including:

Branded hot dog sleeves
Branded hot dog trays
A3 and A4 posters
Tent cards
Bespoke front of house dispensers

Free point of sale kit on receipt of purchase order while stocks last, after which point of sale kits will be available for purchase.

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