Honest Coffee

Honest Coffee

Get your coffee fix the organic way with Honest. We’ve scoured the world to find the very best 100% Arabica coffee beans (from Peru, Honduras, Salvador and Mexico) to give you a delicious lift. Our beans are expertly roasted to maximise a rich flavour before being blended with creamy, organic milk and just enough organic cane sugar. Heaven.

The bean

Of all the varieties of coffee plants that exists, Arabica is generally accepted as the very best…so that’s what we use.

The plant

Not all Arabica coffee plants were created equal. The higher up the plant grows, the better the flavour will be. We source ours from the highest peaks of Peru, Honduras and Bolivia.

The blend

Beans from different climates carry distinct aromas and flavours. We carefully balance levels of sweetness, nuttiness and bitterness to create a harmonious hum of aromas. A gentle roast sets the flavour.

The grind

When we’re ready to bottle our drinks, we grind the roasted coffee beans to delicately extract the flavour, consistency and aroma before blending with creamy, organic milk.

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