Farmstead new products

NEW for 2018!

Take a look at our range of ten brand new Farmstead products below

Our selection of brand new Farmstead products include everything from chicken to lamb, pork and goat. We’ve got you covered with on-trend flavours and winning combinations to make sure your centre of plate really stands out from the crowd.

Farmstead corn-fed chicken supreme stuffed with chorizo & mozzarella 10 x 168-196g (38052)

Corn fed chicken giving a luscious yellow colour and full flavour. Skin-on and wing bone in. Visually stunning on the plate with the vibrant colours. The chorizo is mild, giving a light spice but not overpowering.

Farmstead chicken fillet stuffed with skirlie & wrapped in proscuitto 10 x 196-227g (38057)

Skirlie is a Scottish dish, made from oatmeal fried with fat, onions and seasonings. 100% EU chicken breast. Ideal for restaurants, hotels and caterers.

Chicken fillet stuffed with leek & streaky bacon 10 x 196-227g (38055)

100% EU chicken breast. Great for portion and cost control. Creamy texture with smokey after taste. Ideal for restaurants, hotels and caterers.

Chicken leg stuffed with a mint mousse & wrapped in smoked streaky bacon 4x8/9oz (38051)

EU bone-in chicken leg. Complimented really well with sweet vegetables. Ideal with salad dishes.

Chicken & chorizo skewers 20 x 75g (38027)

Diced chicken breast and mild mini chorizo. Perfect bare or could be marinated to add additional flavour. Perfect for buffets, weddings or as a starters. Suitable for all food service sectors.

Lamb cutlet in a Moroccon marinade 12 x 85g (38021)

New Zealand imported lamb. Ready martinated, just needs cooking. On-trend Moroccon flavours.

Pork belly stuffed with cumberland sausage & black pudding 1 x 3-.4.5kg (38058)

EU pork belly. Rind on, deboned, stuffed, rolled and tied. On-trend black pudding flavour profile.

Sweet cured bacon loin coated in dijon & herb crust 4 x 450-550g (38053)

Ideal for two to share - average 6 slices per joint. Herb crust contains dijon mustard. Great for a sunday roast sharing board.

"Pic-Taco" steak - butterflied picanha steak 5 x 168g (38031)

UK beef single muscle rump steak. Cut from the rump cap and then butterflied. Can be stuffed with any ingredients - very versatile. New style for serving steak.

Diced goat 1 x 1kg (38024)

Whole goat carcass deboned and diced. Very new and on-trend. Similar to lamb in that it's full of flavour and ideal for curries, stews and pies. Works especially well with spicy marinades and rubs. Product previously frozen.

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