Farmstead game


Our fresh game

Add a taste of decadence to your menu with our range of fresh game products, which include Duck, Poussin, Pheasant, Guinea Fowl and Venison.


Our farmer's stories


Ardgay Game is in the heart of the Scottish highlands and has been processing wild game and venison since 1982.

Based in Bonar Bridge, on the shores of the Kyle of Sutherland, they are a family run business, owned and managed by father and son Les and Ruaridh Waugh. Family is at the core of the business and helps to create a quality product that is full of passion and flavour.

At the heart of the community, our local workforce proudly produces a local product for a global market. Wild Scottish Venison is nature’s finest meat, sourced from across the highlands it provides us with the very best quality product which meets the highest quality standards and ensures that we always deliver a top end product. We are passionate about all the wild game and venison that we handle. Our ethos is that wild is best and as nature intended. Here at Ardgay, we are very particular about the deer we choose. We only source from the best estates to ensure top quality from the outset.

All products that come through our property here on the picturesque banks of Ardgay are 100 per cent wild, the environmental impact is minimal. Lastly, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond when it comes to service and quality.

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